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Evoke 2006 Party Invitation


Hello and Welcome to Evoke 2006!

Wherever the scene train might head, catch it at Evoke 2006 – this year's scene railway station! For our passengers there are many destinations: You can take a ride on the competition route, and surf the high-speed rails of technology, or take the slow train and have a beer with friends to just chill out and watch the trains go by.

Just like last year we will party in a great location: The Vulkanhalle. It is a stylish former industrial building. The Vulkanhalle is situated quite close to the city central of Cologne. The Vulkanhalle provides us with enough space (for parking as well), and we are confident that you'll like it as well.

We will have an interesting range of competitions, which makes it possible for sceners from almost every platform to present their productions. We will ensure to provide you with that unique atmosphere Evoke is known and loved for.

We will take care to make it a plesant stay!

About Evoke 2006...

This year's Evoke will be held again at the marvellous location you might know from last year: Situated in an old factory hall, which is around 1000sqm in size, this will be the central station for the Evoke train. Vulkanhalle is located on a quiet 25000sqm area of an old industrial estate that caters for all kinds of offices representing all types of companies. It will be the perfect hideout to exchange ideas with fellow passengers.

The nearby supermarkets, shops, restaurants, kebap, burgerstores and pubs will serve you well with food and all the other stuff you might need. Everything is conveniently located within walking distance, plus we have beer and food on sale at the partyplace (at prices even the fare dodgers among us should be able to afford).

Cologne is a big, but still a cozy city, at the river Rhine which is in the western part of Germany, and is close to the Dutch, Belgian and French borders. Due to the near Köln/Bonn airport and its new connection to cheap airlines, it's possible to get here for a very reasonable price from nearly every European city. Make sure to book your cheap flight tickets quickly, as you'll regret it if you missed turning up.

Entrance Fee

The regular ticket is available at 20 EUR.

If you happen to travel from more than 700km away from Evoke, you qualify for a long distance discount. We only can grant you this discount if you apply for it in advance. Please use the contact form.

In cooperation with Buenzli we can also offer a combined ticket. Visit both parties and get a discount on the entrance fee for both. The combined ticket will be available at the Evoke Infodesk during the party at the price of 42 EUR.

Girls get in for free.


For any questions concerning rules of the competitions at Evoke, simply get in touch with us.

The competitors must be present at the party (except for the ansi/ascii compo). In the case of a group production, at least one member of the group must be present at Evoke. Every person attending can only contribute one entry for each of different compos.

Productions entered into the competitions must not have been released before. The entries also have be handed in before the deadline of the competition (sent in via intranet, cd-r or floppy disk). The organizers have the right to cancel a compo if there aren't enough entries.

If there are too many entries for a competiton, all of the entries will go through a preselection process.

You will have to agree that we'll spread your entries (thru, e.g.).

You should also submit a screenshot for your production (format should be approx. 4:3).

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the competition rules and to disqualify any entry, which is not suitable for the competition for any reason. This includes anything violating German or international law.

Come enjoy the Evoke 2006 party!!

For more detailed information on how to reach the party place or for competition rules, or to register yourself as visitor to Evoke, please visit: