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nullarbor 06 - Game development and demo party (By Adrian Boeing (and Martin Masek))

The inaugural nullarbor, a game development competition and demo party combined, took place on Thursday the 23rd of February 2006 at Edith Cowan Universities Mount Lawley campus, in Perth, Western Australia. Nobody knew quite what to expect, let alone the popularity of the full day (9AM to 9PM) event. nullarbor brought together a community of programmers, designers, artists and musicians in the one place, to exchange ideas, see each other's work, and form collaborative partnerships for the future.

The event's success would not have been possible without the multitude of sponsors, supporters, and helpers. After the initial support of the School of Computer and Information Science at Edith Cowan University to provide a prize and use of equipment and facilities, and co-organiser Adrian Boeing from The University of Western Australia putting up his own money for prizes, nullarbor had the green light. The first person to give us support was Richard Thomson (Legalize), organiser of Pilgrimage, the largest annual demo party in the US.

Other sponsors and supporters soon followed, including Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions, The Western Australian Department of Industry and Resources, Computer Village Rentals, Pixel Juice, ACM SIGGRAPH Perth, Three, Team Affinity demo group and redflag lanfest.

Invaluable support came from Chris McCormick who heads PIGMI, the Perth Independent Game Makers Initiative. Martin Sawtell who made the final nullarbor poster and Brendan Ragan who organised site hosting were also kept busy during the day. Importantly, at the end of the day when everybody was hungry, SCISSA (School of Computer and Information Science Students Association) cooked up a storm on the BBQ.

Most importantly, nullarbor could not succeed without the support of those who entered, and those that came on the day. Stay tuned to for news of nullarbor 07, coming in February 2007!

What follows is a brief pictorial account of the day's events:

Results - Demo Competition

Results - Game Competition

Results - Intro Competition

-Adrian Boeing (e64 / Affinity)