Hugi Magazine 32: Say It With Flowers

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What happened 15 issues ago

Hugi #17 was released in August of 1999, only a month after issue 16. Nevertheless it contained a news article sized 16 kbytes. Some of the news covered was:

"AUDIOPHONIK CD - Darkness/Imphobia, in cooperation with Dan Wright/Fusecon (founder of what later became the Hornet Archive), is curently working on the final touch of what is supposed to be the ultimate scene audio CD compilation. This professionally manufactured audio CD, due to be released around end september/early october under the name 'audiophonik', will include original tracks by some of the scene past and present most talented musicians such as Moby, Vic, Scorpik, Necros, Zodiak, Lizardking and many others and will be available for a very cheap price. If you wish to get any more information on that CD or to be noticed when the CD is out of the press, feel free to email (...)"

"BIRTHDAYS - Bacter/Quasars and Adok/Hugi found out that they were born on the same day: October 8th, 1983. Bacter is 18 hours older than Adok." There are at least two more sceners who were born on that day: Gargaj of Ümlaüt Design & Conspiracy, and kraviz. It has become a tradition that one of these sceners sends a mail with birthday wishes to the others every year.

"HUGI CORE - The new URL of our web-site is This domain will be available for at least a year. In case you are reading this in the year 2000 or even the next millennium and the address does not work, try and" Don't try any of these URLs - at the time of writing this (July 2006), they either won't work, or they will lead you to a page not related to the Hugi Magazine. The domain lasted until early 2005; then it changed owner. I don't know exactly how this was possible, but it's none of my business actually since the domain never belonged to me - it belonged to Salami who allowed us to use it and sponsored us this way. - As said, the other addresses mentioned in that news item won't work, either, though it might be a good idea to reactivate the alias as has recently become a rather popular webspace / URL provider all over the Scene.

"THEKOOL - The whole theKool kommunity (a-move/amable, poti/bm, xenon/kfmf, velvet/amable) met at the great evoke99 demoparty in Germany last weekend. At the party, they released their first 4ch guest release, which came 4th in the competition. The 4ch track called 'beatgefrikkel' and some photos from the party will be available within the next few days from the official theKool e-porno kiosk located at" I believe this group was the predecessor of 5711.

"THELOOP - Thelo0p released the artpack "tHElo0p 003/99". 130 ansis, asciis and a few graphics by various members such as Simon King, Floyd, and Havoc are included. Among them also file_id.diz files of yet unreleased diskmags (Fleur #4, Booster #8). Probably a must-have for every ascii freak. There are also some texts but unfortunately all in Polish language. Check Thelo0p's distro directory at Amber." Since Fleur #4 was never released, this seems to be rather interesting, indeed.

"WILD BITS - Spock, previously a member of the now disappeared Spanish demogroup Infinite Darkness, joins Wild Bits." Wil... Bi... Who knows the name of the diskmag Spock released as a member of his (then) new group?

"WILDMAG - WildMag Issue #1 will be released in december '99, and we're still looking for writers, someone to proofread, skin designers and musicians. BTW, WildMag is going to be "German only". You can get an interface preview at (...)" This mag project actually materialized; five issues were released in total, and they were even quite good. But - German only.

"YONGA DISKMAG - The group AnaLoG released issue 1 of Yonga, the first PC diskmag in Turkish language. Available at"

"ZERO DEFECTS - Zero Defects is a new group "with some real scene spirit". Members: dman, Macaw, Sind, Shock, Theo, Krav, MasterBoy (code), Grid, Rio (gfx), Dixan, Dhs (music). They are working on a 64k intro engine." Some great names at least...

"ZYKLOP MAILORDER - For technical and personal reasons of Yogi/Zyklop Zyklop Mailorder has been inactive for a couple of months. Now they are selling the remaining scene CDs. As soon as they are sold, they will organize new CDs."