Hugi Magazine 32: Say It With Flowers

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Scenebits (Collected & Edited By Adok/Hugi)

Acumen's First Real Photographic Exhibition

Acumen sent me the followng email: "My first real live photo exhibition, called Best pixels '05, has started. It's on display at the Orivesi city library from 27th of February to 31st of March. The exhibition consists of 22 individual photographs and one 10 photograph serie. The individual photos are in 75x50cm and 50x34cm sizes, and these primed photos are for sale after the exhibition. Two of these big primed photographs will be donated among those who have filled out a feedback form at the exhibition. Some of the photos are also for sale in smaller sizes at a local direct sales shop called 'Applebranch'. I know most of you can't make it to Orivesi to see the exhibition, so here's a little something for you: downloadable exhibition program (PDF file, 850 kb)."

Alive #11

Alive #11 (Atari ST diskmag) was released in November 2005.

Austrian Demoscene Mailinglist

Kojote at "Paralax has started an attempt to create an Austrian demoscene mailinglist. Every Austrian demoscener and related groupies of the Austrian scene are encouraged not to miss this list. The signup is moderated to prevent misuse so it might take a day or two to get you listed."

Bitfilm 2006

This year's Bitfilm festival is going to take place in Hamburg (Germany) on September 7th, 2006. Quoting from a mail written by puenzli of Digitale Kultur e.V.: "In 2006 Bitfilm uses a new voting process: the Internet community will decide about the Bitfilm Awards by a public voting process between June and September. For this reason they don't accept .exe-files. Technical difficulties would scare non-demosceners away. They recommend to use .kkapture by Farbrausch for the transformation." The winner will receive a price money of 1500 EUR. Unfortunately, the submission deadline has already expired (it was June 1st, 2006).

Blenderart #5 released

titus in a scene forum: "Yesterday (28.07.06) the 5th issue of Blenderart was released. Blenderart is free magazine which contains articles about, as the name suggests, all topics you could find interesting about Blender. The 5th issue gives a few insights into the possibilities of Python which allows writing your own plugins for Blender."

Bmxplay released, including source

Joric of Proxium informed us that: "Bmxplay has been released on sourceforge. Bxmplay is a tiny player (sound engine) for Jeskola's Buzz. It includes PSM by Dr.Dsteuz, used in Peyote, and Klatt speech synth (experimental). The first time this player was used was in the 64k intro Yo-08 which took first place at Paradox 2002." Bmxplay is also included in the Hugi 32 bonus pack (

Buenzli 15: Competition machine

Unlock at "Finally our sponsor HP notified us about the high end computer they're donating us - and thus we can finally notifiy you about the specifications of our competition machine. The competition rules got updated with the machine specs.

Since it's a fine tradition at Buenzli to give away the competition machine at the very end of the party, you should also check out our information on the HP jury-prize - and work hard to win it!"

Buenzli & Evoke Combined Ticket

Unlock at "Two parties, two towns, two weekends. Buenzli and Evoke make it possible: Having two successive weekends of party. Winterthur and Köln, Switzerland and Germany, Buenzli and Evoke. With the combined ticket, you save some bucks on the entrance fee of both parties! Team up with all those people that visit Buenzli as well as Evoke, having two great weekends among their friends."

More information on this topic was posted by Poti to the official Evoke mailinglist: "The Buenzli and Evoke combined ticket costs you EUR 42.- and can be bought at the doorway of Evoke, 11.12.13. August 2006 and is still valid one week later, at Buenzli, 18.19.20. August 2006."

For "travellers and youngsters" the following piece might be interesting: "First of all, we want to remind all those who have a long way to travel to Evoke, that again we offer long distance discount for those who travel more than 700km to reach us. However, you will be only granted long distance discount if you tell us about your coming in advance. Second, if you are under 18 and want to visit Evoke, you're surely welcome. The only thing you have to do is to get a special permission paper signed by your parents. We will email this paper to you on request. For both concerns, use our contact formular.",contact.html

CFXweb is closed

Civax at "CFXweb had started in early 2002. It had quickly become a popular site with Demo Sceners and amateur game developers around the world. With around 15,000 registered users and more than 70,000 unique visitors per month, it was a central site that served the community well, along with sites like FlipCode (also closed now) and GameDev.Net.

However, I have moved on in my life and had little time for CFXweb anymore. The site was getting neglected, which was sad to see. I have decided to follow the lead of Kurt Miller (from flipcode) and announce an official closing of CFXweb.

I'm aware that many people still get here to read the technical articles, btw, so for now all the links available from google and other search engines will remain valid. I do, however, advice you to keep an offline version of the ones you're interested in, as I might need to close down completely without a notice.

Thanks for all the wonderful time we had. Keep on coding!"

Chiptune Video Tutorials Here!

Kmuland at "Great videos covering all the basic techniques for create chiptunes on few minutes with Milkytracker: Resonance, Cubearp, Leads, Drums drawing, Harmony.. etc"

Chuck Norris

Finally, Tomcat sent me the following explanation for the state of the scene: "The current situation of the scene is because Chuck Norris can't decide whether to save or kill it. Therefore we're on the brink of both."

CoaXCable survived!

As mentioned in the editorial, CoaXCable was almost the victim of a terrorist attack. In his own words: "Today at 6 am, I almost died. A Quassam Rocket which was shot by Islamic Jihad & Hamas from Gaza Strip had fallen on my city, 30-50 meters from my own block. One of the rockets did not explode, while another did explore, but fortunately did not do any harm. The police and civilian guardiance closed the sub street in my hood."


CoolPHat's art pack number 19 has been released.

Cosmiques update (7 new tracks)

Cosmictrance at "After a long while, cosmictrance uploaded 7 new soundtracks and the 'design' of the webpage is now more flattened out, making the music more accessable. Genre: d&b, ambient and electronic (without vocals, mostly). Thanks for checking out!"

Demoscene Book Web 2.0 released

Rawer at "The highly successful 'Demoscene: the Art of Real-Time' book finally got the web extension people were asking for. We couldn't include links to online scene resources in the book (y'know, it is hard to update a printed list). Non-scene readers can now use the website as a starting point to find more about the scene. Sink the pink d-boys and girls!"

Desert Planet LIVE @ Assembly 06

Asteroid at "This year's Assembly also features Desert Planet's live performance. Desert Planet is a electro-pop band from Finland with chippie flavours and influences from oldschool video game music and demoscene-music." The performance is going to be on Saturday, August 5th, 2006 at the party place of Assembly 2006 (Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland).


In late 2005, Deviance established a demo section with some known artists. Meanwhile they have released several prods, mainly in co-operation with Scoopex. Rumour has it that these two groups might be going to merge. There is even already a registered domain named


Metapat at "Scene Awards 2005 ceremony: We made it, now you can watch it! Demoscene world was there once again for it! No problem if you have missed it Live April 17th in Bingen Germany, this is your chance to enjoy it in full length again. A new release of the unique tribute to so fantastically productive sceners in 2005. DTV is proud and happy to release its official edit of the Scene.Org Awards 05 show. Watch it now on Demoscene tv, or get it here, there, everywhere via our vod system."

DTV Tour 06

Somebody sent me a link to this announcement written by Kalikone: "... We are already pleased to confirm our presence to the following events: Breakpoint 2006 in Bingen, Germany ... Covering Scene Awards 2005 fully live on DTV! Demozone 2006 in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands during the summer ... In August, we start a big presence on the 3 hottest events of this year as you certainly know: Assembly 2006 in Helsinki, Finland ... Evoke 2006 in Köln, Germany ... Buenzli 15 in Winterthur, Switzerland ... And close this active year we will be coming back in heart of Europe at: The Ultimate Meeting (TUM) in Karlsruhe, Germany ... DTV tour 2006: make it yours! ... Yes we know sceners always love and appreciate unexpected surprises... We have already planned to stream new demoparties in the rest of Europe...! Hungary, Portugal, France... Expect us to be there... for you!" Recently it has been announced that DTV will also be at Inercia06, Function06 and Main01 (France).


Tomcat sent me the following news item: "Freax Art Album Vol. 1. is scheduled for Assembly. Freax Vol. 2. is planned for tUM 2006, Art Album 2. is for Breakpoint 2007. The second edition of Freax Vol. 1. will be out till Summer, maybe for this Assembly. A German version is also being prepared."

German article about netlabels released!

Ghandy at (on 25 June 2006): "Today I have released a German article about netlabels at! Please read in case you care and give me feedback how you like it."


Famous oldskool musician Hunz has got a couple tracks and a blog at myspace and his website has recently been updated. He also had a performance in Australia not long ago.


NuKe forwarded the following announcement to me, which was written by druid of S!P: "intro-inferno opened its doors on the 31.12.2005. Since that day it never stopped to be improved. From a basic page displaying PC intros (1k, 4k, 64k, cracktros, installers, intros, trainers, menus), it turned into a multi-platform site featuring Amiga and C64 stuff as well. The latest additions allow registered users to add their productions. In order to keep the place clean, the submissions need to be validated by an administrator but the uploader receives the credits of course! All actions are now credited: comments, votes, uploads. Based on these actions, top users are now visible on main page. Following the pure scene spirit, the only reward is the 'top users chart'.

As a group leader, what about having your productions uploaded without the need of any validations? That's possible! Contactus and we will sort that out! All files are hosted on the web site meaning you won't experience any bad links as we can experience on some sites. If the site is up, the file is available. That's the way it should be! In the near future, registered members will be allowed to provide us with news, links, gfx, flash logons,... all rewarded, using the same system. Intro-inferno is made by you, for you and because of you! Open your browser and hit us right now."

NuKe would like to add that S!P is still looking for people to create logos for intro-inferno. If you're interested, please contact him at

IT'S ART MAgazine #0005 - 1st Anniversary

Eightgr at "IT'S ART Magazine #0005 is available. IT'S ART Magazine is a free PDF Digital Art Magazine available in French and English."

JCO released his demotool for Corehammer

JCO at "I just uploaded the demotool i wrote for creating corehammer (tum05 demo) to my webspace. If you want to play around with it, feel free to do so. I guarantee there will be no support or further developement of any kind, and you should actually code a real demo instead of using some werkkzeug, but there it is anyway. It requires the .NET 2.0 Framework (only the editor, not the player). But be warned, it could be full of nasty surprises, har har har."

Paniq at "As I turned into a quite happy Linux geek, genuinely worrying about the lack of demos for the Linux OS, I created in order to change that. is the eye of the storm for everything related to 3D demos running on Linux, providing a strong emphasis on open source/GPL licenced content and a forum for sharing opinions and coding intelligence. is quite young and bland at the moment, so I'd appreciate some help with that one."

Liquid Skies release #094

DaFreak at "We released number 94 of our musicpack-series. This time it's the drum'n'bass style track named 'The Drum Noise' of Alex West. Check it out! =)"

Mindcandy 2 DVD

Tomcat sent me the following news item: "Mindcandy 2 is delayed, but oh, well, isn't it always?" Nevertheless a preview has already been released, and you can read a review of it in this issue of Hugi.

Moods Plateau's new EP

Datablade at "Raztaman of Moods Plateau hits you with a new EP called 'Everyone Fucks Me And You'. It could be leeched as always from our homepage or soon from the Uphold The Law - BBS at, too."

Mr. Wax memorial

Somebody has sent me an email with the URL of the Mr. Wax memorial page, so I decided to include it here:

New book by Evrim Sen

Evrim Sen (a.k.a. Evrimsson of Nuance), the author of Hackerland and Hackertales, has written a new book. It was published in March 2006 and is in German language. "Es dreht sich um das Thema Raubkopien. Wir behandeln das Thema von der Hackerkultur, angefangen bei den 50er Jahren, bis hin zu der Generation der ersten Cracker und der heutigen Zeit... Es geht um Subkulturen, Szene, aber auch Gesetze, Kampagnen und Industrie. Ein sehr spannendes und aktuelles Thema." In short: This book is about warez, hacker culture, crackers, subcultures, scene, law, campaigns and industry. The book is called "NO COPY".

New demo group "Blended"?

A "top secret" news by CoaXCable (though not the freshest: it's from November 2005): "There might be a new demo team called Blended built up by some Danish and Swedish guys, who previously were in some known teams, one of them being Rebels. Seems they might release stuff at trsac demo party. One of their releases is going to be a music disk :D" Check out pouet to see if this has come true...

New Polish Music Crew "Sundial"

According to Monk, a new Polish music crew is going to be founded: "Nicknames - Raiden (you may know him from Aural Planet), Revisq (he is actually in Suspend), Dan (no group at the moment I think, he was former of Pic Saint Loup with Scorpik), Giku - he is musician, like Revisq, who is working in their own label - with Grass (Haloon there). But in this project.. grass is not working with them. revisq, raiden, giku, dan = sundial"

New WinUAE (v 1.3) released

WinUAE 1.3 has finally released on July 16th, 2006. It contains various new features, and several bugs have been fixed.

No ASD demo at Asm'06!

Navis/ASD has told Magic that he won't be attending Assembly this year and there won't be an Assembly demo by his group this year - and perhaps not at any other pary, either. Quote: "I am finishing my degree and I need all the time in the world right now. Happier days will come after January 2007." Hugi wishes Navis all the best, may he pass all the remaining exams successfully and finally be done with his studies!

NoooN Stuff

Barti at "Only to present a new 700K NoooN demo, at my web site where the lives of the Groovies are a new time at their state of the art."

Perfect Impulse Tracker clone

Elysis at "For all of you who tried dozens of emulators and struff to let your old Impulse Tracker modules run: Benjamin Rosseaux has written a Windows-based tracker that not only plays all the old modules virtually perfectly (also with MIDI support!) but also has an almost EXACTLY cloned GUI of Impulse Tracker, and furthermore it brings VSTi support. It is just in a test stadium but already pretty stable. A really amazing work."

Rumour concerning Kraviz

Nevidimka told me that (Russian coder) Kraviz is going to get married soon. For me this is hard to believe, since Kraviz was born on the same day as me, i.e. he is only 22 at the time of writing. But Nevidimka insists that it's the truth and he's already seen a picture showing Kraviz and his bride. Well, then I can only say: Congratulations! May you have many children!

Play oldschool tunes in a click

Mandrixx at Find and play the best tunes, add yours. Make a playlist and have your own little web radio. A quickly growing database, a living oneliner, and some nice stuff coming.

Savage #8

The Polish-language diskmag Savage #8 by Futuris was released in May 2006.

Sealand On Fire!

Do you remember our article about the micronation "Principality of Sealand", which was published many Hugi issues ago? Recently a (mildly) tragic event has happened. From Wikipedia: "On 23 June 2006 a significant fire broke out on the platform. It is speculated that this was caused by a generator. A security guard had to be airlifted to safety by a British air-sea rescue helicopter, and specialist firefighters attacked the blaze from a ship. However, they did not board the platform so it was not known whether the blaze was fully extinguished, or the extent of the damage. Michael, James and Liam Bates returned to the platform on 25 June and damage is estimated at £500,000. The Sealand government intends to set up a one-mile general shipping 'exclusion zone' to ensure safety during repairs. Power has already been returned to Sealand and redevelopment works are under way."


Rumour has it that Speckdrumm and Metalvotze, the two groups notorious for being loud at German demoparties, will join forces and form a new group called "Speckvotze". According to Paralax, the group leader of Speckdrumm, this is not true.

Speckdrumm Webboard

Kojote at "For those who care... Speckdrumm has now made their webboard open to the public. Discuss about SD related things or just hang out with the members. Most topics are in German language, but English speaking people are welcome too."

Surprise! Podcast

S!P now has its own scene-music podcast. The podcast is mixed by NuKe. Four .mp3s have been released so far.

Surprise! Productions C64 section

NuKe sent us the following request: "Surprise! Productions C64 section is in need for a coder and 2d/3d graphician. If you think you are the one email to or talk to us on #S!P (IRCnet)."

Surprise! Productions member list changes

NuKe sent me the following news: "gkmotu joined S!P as 3d&2d artist and musician. wal joined S!P as 2d artist and musician. druid joined S!P as web developer."

Surprise! Productions PC section

NuKe sent us the following request: "Surprise! Productions PC section is in need for 3d guys and coders. If you think you are the one email to or talk to us on #S!P (IRCnet)."

The Fulcrum source released!

The source code of the (back in 1998) outstanding classic MS-DOS demo 'The Fulcrum' by Matrix has been released. As a consequence of to this release, the demo has already been ported to Windows.

UK Demo Scene Site Open

Darkblade at "Thanks to the guys at TZT the UKDemoscene has a website up and running again. Head over to and register. Post your news / demos etc and help keep the (uk) scene alive." The CGM UKScene Radio (by Solorize) is back online.

Uncommercial Nagz Mixtape

Nagz at "Years after my breakup with demoscene, I decided to put a 'mixtape' together for some of my friends who still like my older works. Beware: almost 7.5 hours long! Enjoy!"

Underground Conference 7

What demo party is located in Bingen and is organized by Scamp? Breakpoint is one possible answer, but there's also another one - Underground Conference (UC). The weekend before the release of this Hugi issue it happened the 7th time. It's the first time Scamp organized two parties in the same year. For results and releases, check out the official UC7 website.

Wattle's solo-concert

This issue of Hugi features an article about Wattle's performance in a music contest. Wattle is the name of a music group the members of which happen to be the organizers of the Paradigmus demo party (a Russian party). According to group member Mitchell, they had another performance on 23 July 2006, this time a "big solo-concert" which lasted for 1 hour. It took place in the club "Veresk", which is located in Moscow. A poster is supposed to be located at:

YM Rockerz

Lotek Style has told us that YM Rockerz are working on a new musicdisk. It will be called "WARPTYME".

For the latest PC demo scene related news we recommend: