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Facet of Lemon. & TBL (An interview done by Magic of Nah-Kolor)


Before we begin this article I have to add that I never imagined to interview Facet in 2006 after we travelled to The Party 1993 together in a small 8 person bus... Because I met him on some occasions down the line when I was actively visiting demoscene parties in the period 1992 - 1995, which for my terms is ages ago, the enjoyment to interview him in 2006 was really present. Facet had been a very active graphician on the Amiga scene but also a little on the PC scene in the 90's. Hugi presents a real blast from the past to you! A scener who now more or less retired from actively supporting the demoscene but has a few lines running which still keep him a little connected. Hugi presents to you the graphican Facet of Lemon. & The Black Lotus in focus... Enjoy!

Introducing Facet

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Facet, angle dust specialist. I was trained in several camps in the south of holland. After years of training I was ordered to infiltate other militant demogroups located all around the world. I first belonged to a local cell called 'Vision'. Due my extreme activism I started to extend my network and after a few years I had joined several international groups (Anarchy -ed) before the stream 'Lemon' was initiated.

How did you get into the demoscene? When did you start being active in the demoscene?

I had a few friends that were active in the C64 scene and went to local computer clubs. I became close friends with TSM and HPH of Vision and the moment the first Amiga 500 hit the stores I started to pixel. I had a lot of help from HPH who was a brilliant pixeler. From there it all started...

Facet Anno Domini 2006

What are you doing for a living now?

I'm creative director for Us Media, an Amsterdam-based Internet company founded by Astro/CNCD which I joined in 1999. I'm handling loads of different stuff. Next to managing and talking to clients I flash, design, research and experiment. (Hint: see -ed)

What is it like to work with Astro of CNCD?

It's really fantastic working with friends that you know so well. With half a word we understand each other and that helps a lot.

Can you tell us something about your current projects?

That's classified! What I can tell you that it's a mixture of 3D and films. You've never seen anything like it before!

In which ways did your demoscene-background help you get into the work you're doing today?

The interest in new stuff and not being afraid to do the unusual. The demoscene is a perfect example for creativity without any limitations.

What things do you like besides computer work?

Hanging with my girl, friends and go out partying. I also like to watch movies (thanks to and listen to music. Occasionally I play tennis. And of course I like to eat some nice pasta-dish!

Demoscene Questions.

What do you think is the main difference between the oldskool and the newskool scene? Do you like this progression?

The main difference is age ofcourse -- they do not understand us and we do not understand them although we think we do. Whether I like or dislike that... no one can stop that. Luckily there are youngsters crazy enough to sit behind their computer doing 'stuff' that normal people don't understand. Without them there wouldn't be any scene. Thumbs up for the youngsters!

What is your favourite demo?

I loved the old-school demos Mental Hangover by Scoopex and Enigma by Phenomena. Both blew me of my chair. Never had the same 'feeling' with demos afterwards. Superb gfx, music and programming.

What was your best moment in the scene so far? And what was your worst?

Best: the day that I became no.1 in the Eurocharts in 1994 or 1992. Worst moment: the day I heard TSM passed away. That was actually the worst moment in my life.

What do you think is necessary to bring the demoscene a bit more into the public?

I think the demoscene should never be a mainsteam thing. It will result in less creative and experimental stuff and pleople will then make what the viewers like instead of whay they like themselves. Just look at a lot of demos released at a competition. 50% of them are a follow-up/rip of the winner of the previous compo. Just let it be!

Which party did you like the most? The Party 1992, 1993 or 1994?

Wouldn't really know actually -- I was too drunk probably.

Why was Lemon. founded and why did it die?

We needed something else... and it died because we needed something else again. Actually Lemon never died. We just stoppend producing stuff. I think we all came into a phase of our lives in which producing demos was less important so we quietly stopped doing stuff.

There was a Limp Ninja & Lemon. invitation demo released on gameboy advance (see pouet). How is it you became involved with it?

Nuey (Shifter of Limp Ninja) is a colleague of mine here at us Media and I told him that I would pixel for him if he wanted some. He asked and so I did some pixeling. And there is more where that came from...

Are you still in The Black Lotus? If yes, are you planning to do some graphics for a future TBL production?

Officially I'm still a TBL member although I have been "out of office" for several year now. I have no real plans to be actively involved with the scene or scene productions. Apart from small stuff I could do quickly. I have not the time anymore to spend two weeks on a title picture. Unfortunately that is...

Graphical Questions.

Where do you get your motives from? Do you draw sketches on paper before starting on a picture or logo?

Sometimes it's little scaps here and there on paper, but the real action takes off when I start picking up my mouse-tablet.

What programs are you using when making your pictures / graphics?

Photoshop and Illustration. Need no more than those!

Please name your 5 most favourite graphicians from the demoscene and tell why they are your favourites.

UNO - THE master Hein Design - my master Destop - amazing cool style Made - love his work Lazur - amazing, someone with a lot of time

What is the best picture or your most favourite picture you have ever seen made by another graphician? And why do you think so?

Uno's dragon launched at a democompetition (yellowish background). Why? Because every pixel is meant to be. Change one and it won't be as good as it is. Amazing and therefore my all-time favourite.


Any last words or greetings?

Thumbs up for all people working hard to keep the scene alive!

At this point Hugi wishes Facet a good and succesful future... We thank him kindly for the answers on the questions asked and let him be... We hope you have enjoyed this interview. And please be prepared to read a new 'Blast From The Past' in the next issue of Hugi...

Magic of Nah-kolor