Hugi Magazine 32: Say It With Flowers

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Scene news 2012 (By T$/Scoopex)

* After the great popularity gained by the executable music competition and the upcoming executable graphics competition a new trend is born: Executable code competitions! It is expected that this year's Assembly will feature it for the first time.

* The Party, held in Aars/Denmark, was cancelled.

* now features 31337 entries, half of them done by iso. The form for submitting new productions now features 2364 fields and options, a two-part seminar on how to use its basic functionality will be held at every upcoming major party.

* Breakpoint organizing announces their new platin sponsor: Bittburger, one of the leading companies in satisfying sceners' number one demand, is going to provide not only financial support but also 4096 kegs of beer as compo prizes. Second sponsor will be Microsofft, giving away free evaluation copies of the DirectXBox10.f November 2009b SDK. Male visitors will get in for free!

* Be aware of the long awaited Austrian Scene Domination!

* The name of the IRC channel #****.*** (sorry, I'm not allowed to mention it without permission) is now a registered trademark in both EU and US

* Kolor won the headlight of Assembly, the Macintosh competition, with their ATI-only entry "Demopaja for the masses"

* Rumour has it that Turkish sceners plan to host a fake soy currywurst stand at their next local party

* The CEO of MS was found unconscious next to the BP campfire after he was shouting "DEMOCODERS DEMOCODERS DEMOCODERS DEMOCODERS DEMOCODERS DEMOCODERS DEMOCODERS DEMOCODERS KURRRVA" for about 45 minutes.

* The invitation demo for the UC7 was released at tUM just 15 minutes after the end of the party. Unfortunately, it wasn't shown as it did not run on the compo machine.

* Looking for a good place to keep your money? SceneVestment, the underground investment company, is offering lucrative accounts running for a variable amount of time with an interest rate of at least 20% or more. They will also lend money to scene startups. All of this will be realized by their specialized task force which is trained for winning the Evoke and TG demo compos. SceneVestment claims to be in Cologne, but some people claim that the people behind it are either Polish or from Finland.

* Linux is getting more and more popular. About 6% of the sceners prefer the free operating system, however about 80% of them are using it as a pr0n server host.

* The first issue of a new German print mag, the DemoBild, will be released on June 23, 2012

* After BDSM, BPM, SMS, SICK, BUM, BORK, SEX, POP and BUM there is a new local meeting: FUCK, the Finally Ultimate Convention Krefeld