Hugi Magazine 32: Say It With Flowers

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Credits for this issue

Main Code: Chris Dragan/Blue Logic & Hugi

Sound System: Ian Luck (BASS)

Opening Picture 1: Critikill/Farbrausch+Brainstorm

Opening Picture 2: Mantra/Nah-kolor+Brainstorm

Theme Layout and Design: Critikill/Farbrausch+Brainstorm

Closing Picture: Bridgeclaw/Brainstorm (Henning Ludvigsen)

Cursors: Fjrb

Ascii: dentoe, grim fandango, slash, ximple


(Total playback duration: 27 min 18 sec)


Proofreading & Formatting: Adok/Hugi, Axel/Brainstorm, Fashion/Vacuum, Fuguru Hakku, MadMax/CPI, noouch, The Heavyweight/Affinity

Other things: CoaXCable (photos, cliparts)

Legal Stuff (Impressum)

Hugi Magazine, further referred to as "Hugi", is an electronical magazine. Its Publisher and Main Editor is Claus-Dieter Volko, also known as "Adok/Hugi". All rights, unless further explained, reserved.

Hugi is freeware, which means by our definition that you are free to distribute the magazine for free provided it remains unmodified.

We would like to ask you to keep in mind that articles and other contributions by the readers, such as graphics, music, source code, etc., are important for Hugi Magazine. Therefore, please consider actively contributing to future issues of Hugi. Send your contributions to the Hugi Staff (

The Hugi Staff assumes that the person who submits a contribution for the Hugi Magazine, further referred to as the "contributor", is the only author of this respective contribution and has not violated the rights of any third parties.

The contributor is granted all rights and the responsibility for the contents of his original contribution, but he/she gives the Hugi Staff the right to modify his/her contribution for technical reasons. There is no guarantee that all contributions will be actually used in Hugi.

If you want to use one or several article(s) from Hugi in your own production(s), you must arrange that with its/their respective author(s).

For any questions contact Adok via email at,, ICQ (77076041) or snailmail (Claus-Dieter Volko, Hungereckstr. 60/2, 1230 Wien, Austria).


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Current "Hugi Core" Memberlist

Adok Main Editor
Chris Dragan Main Coder
CoaXCable Music, Gfx
DiamonDie Writer
iliks Writer, Music
LoneStar Gfx, Music, Web
Magic Writer
Polaris Writer
SacRat Writer