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About the current situation in Israel (Written By CoaXCable / CoolPHat & Hugi)

It has been like 6 years that Hamas and even Fatah and other Palestinians group have been shooting Kassam rockets to the Israeli Side, from Gaza Strip. If you hear or read both the names "Kassam" and "Quassam" (if they are mentioned in the media at all), don't be surprised: many of the European TV reports themselves don't know the exact name or don't want to know it, you decide. So what's a Kassam rocket!?! A Kassam rocket, or at least the first basic versions of it, was made in Gaza strip, following the architecture of known rockets. The Israeli Defence Force has been capturing a lot of Iranian plans and papers on terrorists coming to Israel. They're mostly Palestinians living in the UK or USA who come to visit the EX Occupied Areas and carry the rockets in their jackets/coats and suitecases. That's why Israeli intelligence is sure about the Iranian connection to the latest terror acts in the middle east against USA, Israel and other nations.

At first Kassams were built mostly in home made labratories using a small mount of explosives. They were of small size, in their basic types. With the years, like in 2003-2004, the Kassam rockets got bigger in size and the amount of explosives was increased. Many other features were added like small nails and other metal parts which are being "thrown" out of the rocket when it blows or hits an object.

Why don't you know about the Kassam...? For many people it seems that these rockets are just another type of a rocket which is part of a war, but no one really perceives it as a guerilla war weapon, mostly used by Hamas & Islami Jihad. No one tried to understand or show that a guerilla war has been going on from Gaza for year, but in the last 6 years it has been using some new types of simple killing weapons. No one on the Israeli side, including me, is trying to say we're right or they're right, but only show the war around this area is a lot of guerilla against a big, good based army and the way of doing or using the simple weapons is being based on Iranian or even Syrian plans. And that there are a lot of it, some are not even known to other European armies or even to the USA by the name, shape, size and explosives being used. The "Kassams" which are being shot lately on Israel are having some small amounts of chemicals in addition to the nails and the metal parts. It is a big improvement to them, because it is almost getting into chemical-biological war, which is a fact unknown to most of the people... And only few people like civilians who got some rockets, police men and army guys saw it. For now, even Israel does not talk about it much (about the bio-chemical side) since it has not made a big problem yet or has not affected many of the injured israeli people or even the ones in Gaza who were once blown up by themselves when building them. When and if it is going to get worse and so, Israel is going to hit hard and stringly on Gaza Strip, till the Kassam Rockets Stop, especially the bio-chemical ones and the other new ones. It seems Israel has started a small activity there to stop the facturing of it.

P.S - No one in Israel or Gaza Strip wants the shootings, because both sides are getting hurt. Here are photos from my neighbourhood, from 17 july 2006 on Israeli Side, like 20-40 meters from my own window. They suffer when Israeli Army Force strikes with tanks or helicopters and we suffer from the Kassam rockets which blow up buildings and cars 24 hours a day.

CoaXCable / CoolPHat