-=[ Hugi #30 Editorial ]=-

The 30th issue of Hugi hits the scene - a kind of anniversary issue of the king of PC diskmags. I've recently re-read all Hugi issues starting from #20. In my opinion, this issue is better than the previous ones, primarily because of better graphics and, most importantly, better articles (judging the Scene corner). And this editorial is more honest than the editorials of previous issues which often seemed to be quite artificial, showing that I had no idea what to write about. Hugi makes sense again: It has adapted itself to the Scene as it presents itself in the pouet discussion boards. Never before has it been possible to discover the way Sceners feel, think and argue in such a depth. Now it's possible to make a magazine that suits the Sceners' interests.

Most of all I'd like to thank LoneStar, Optimus, CiH, Preacher and TAD (Hetch is back!) for their great contributions to this issue of Hugi Magazine. I'd also like to thank rand0m for some interesting ideas for future issues: let's keep contact.

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