[Graphics Programming]

Drawing ActiveX Control Into Memory Buffer

Writing a 2D effect in Java (by Bad Sector)

[Polygon Drawing Tutorials]

Polygon 1: Flat Shaded Polygons

Polygon 2: Gouraud Shaded Polygons

Triangle 1: Calculating the Deltas (by Statix)

Triangle 2: Mathematical Proof (by Statix)

Making Spheres out of Triangles (by Polaris)

[Code Optimization]

Memory Management for smaller code

Understanding Intel Instruction Sizes

WinAPI Wrapper Library (by Chris Dragan)

[Creating a 4k Windows intro]

1: How to make your EXE small enough

2: DirectX and .NET (by Darkblade)

[TAD's Quick ASP Database tut]

1: Introduction (by TAD)

2: Session variables (by TAD)

3: Databases (by TAD)

4: SQL - Queries (by TAD)

5: Input - domain of the fools (by TAD)

[Web Programming &emp; Misc]

Writing correct and robust JavaScript

Basics of Templating in PHP (by mados)

Blasting the Bounds of Standard Math-Ops

An Introduction to Reverse Engineering