The Soundtrack of Hugi 27

Thanks to MO3 again (and, surely, Ian Luck for giving us ability to use it), this time I tried to provide songs with maximum quality by using some tricky tweaks (like using LAME presets, loseless compression and so on).

This time the soundtrack has three themes with a total length of about 18 min.

"Nosmo King" (5:14) by My Voice.
Maybe this song is too dancy, but I love it a lot! A very interesting tune.

"In dreams" (6:28) by Gloom.
Nice ambient background music, which perfectly fits Hugi, as it sounds very close to music from previous releases :)

"A trip 2 da Blue" (6:05) by Merlin.
Wonderful ambient melody, written by Merlin (read interview with Richard Kronfalt aka Merlin in Hugi#26).
This song was composed several years ago, but real music never becomes obsolete.