Credits for Hugi #27

Main Code: Chris Dragan / Hugi
Sound System: Ian Luck (BASS)
Opening Picture: seven11/k-storm
Main Menu: seven11/k-storm
Options Screen: TAD
Backgrounds: TAD
Closing Picture: Steve Bian
Icon: SacRat/Hugi
Cursors: Fjrb/Hugi, Maali/Boiler
Ascii: Simonking/Theloop, cRU/100%
Regular Tunes: My Voice, Gloom, Merlin/Otb
Hidden Tune: Tenner
Articles: Adok, Alchemist, Bad Sector, Chris Dragan, Crest, Darkblade, DiamonDie, Diggity, Dkd, Estrayk, iliks, Immortal Demon, mados, Mr. Byte, MiRRORMaN, Polaris, RaD Man, |re|-action, SacRat, Sanx, Seven, Shanethewolfthedog, Sir Garbagetruck, snq, Sol, Sole, Statix, S_tec, TAD, T$, Yero, Yuri, zZz
Proofreading: Adok/Hugi, Alchemist

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Legal Stuff (Impressum)

Hugi Diskmag, hereby referred to as Hugi, is an electronical magazine. Its Publisher and Main Editor is Claus-Dieter Volko alias "Adok/Hugi". All rights, unless further explained, reserved.

Hugi is freeware, which means by our definition that you can distribute it freely provided it remains unmodified.

Contributions such as articles, source code, music modules, graphics, etc. are welcomed by the staff. The respective author keeps all rights and the responsibility for his original submission, but he/she gives the Hugi Crew the right to modify his/her contribution for technical reasons. No rights of third parties may be violated. It is not granted that all submitted contributions will be used in Hugi. If you want to use an article/articles from Hugi in your own production(s), you must arrange that with its/their author(s).

For any questions, contact Adok by means of e-mail ( or snailmail: Claus-Dieter Volko, Hungereckstr. 60/2, A-1230 Wien, Austria, Europe.

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