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C64 remixing - Pure nostalgia or true passion

Renoise - The Second Coming For Trackers

WinZip Chip - A Simple Idea

Small overview of LAME frontends

CD Quality Fairy-Tale

Interview with Richard Kronfaelt

Interview with Bliss / Outbreak^Fairlight

Introduction into compressed computer music

Techniques of Chipping

Music Creation With Psycle

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Skinning Editorial

Skinning in our life

Winamp skinning tutorial - 1

Winamp skinning tutorial - 2

Winamp skinning tutorial - 3

Winamp skinning tutorial - 4

Winamp skinning tutorial - 5

Jocpoc - a few words about himself

Interview with T-K

Interview with SMAR

Interview with Poetess

Interview with Niek Albers, creator of CoolPlayer

Interview with c-specter