Art of getting started


Hmm, you're probably wondering what I want to say, what haunted spaces of my mind are to be finally revealed in the text below. I've just wanted to say a few words about all this "international stuff", why disk mags in foreign languages (in this case - Hugi) don't get tons of articles from neighbour countries, other parts of the world-wide demoscene, so hold on and try not to take me as an idiot or smth' when you find "some" mistakes in this text...

First of all, laziness is common everywhere and the biggest defect of this weakness is that fighting with it is so hard, that winning is almost impossible. When we have to do something what is very hard but still available for us, laziness attacks with doubled effect, especially when it comes to write an essay or article in a language that you know, but on a level which doesn't gives you the possibility of writing down your thoughts fast and fluently - without any problems. I'm talking about writing articles for demoscene world mags, of course. :] Just imagine - here you are, in the middle of holidays, and suddenly you turn on the 22nd number of Hugi, and your mind crosses a thought "What if I...", but the more you think about it, the more you feel like you don't want to do it after all. In moments like that it doesn't matter that you could write a few lines in English (let's say that you're quite.. really good at English :)), you just don't want to do this, because there's so much other stuff that you can handle, for example.. writing an article, but in your own language, which is also a success but a lot smaller, really tiny. :)

The next problem in writing articles in other language is that a lot of people can't even understand what there are reading. But even if knowing just one language in our times doesn't make life easier, this weakness is forgivable - laziness is certainly not. But in this case, defeating this inner "enemy" is so much harder, because learning uninteresting things comes a lot harder than doing something that you have already learned.

But these facts are obvious, so I'd better go to the next stage of this articles, which is giving some damn good advise. :]

As you see, writing in English IS possible, so you have evidence that wall of sweet laziness can be broken. In a fact I have just done it, so you have an ultimate proof, that you don't have to be super intelligent upper leveled human being to write down a few thoughts in foreign speech and be proud of it after the work is done. :] I bet you thought someday if you could manage to write an article for Hugi (the words are addressed to everyone who didn't do it but had such a possibility), and now you have a perfect opportunity! You can show everyone that writing in English is as easy for you, as writing in your native language. Be original, give some pride to members of demoscene in your country, and members of your group, show that you can do it or just prove it to yourself. It's not SO hard. Just take few minutes to think about some problems which had appeared in the international-demoscene world, then try to imagine how you could express these sentences in English, turn on Notepad and write down everything. Beginnings are a little difficult, but during writing work gets easier and easier. The article sounds stupid? Fuck it - only important thing is that you're doing something more ambitious than.. a lot of things, for example watching "The Simpsons" on TV, as I was watching today. ;)

I assume, that if you took all the way from title to this line of article, your English is at least quite good, conclusion: you can write an article to Hugi within an hour, without any bigger problems, so... push Alt+Tab and go write some wise sentences, and send it to Adok. Give a good example, like I have just tried to... Well, that's everything I wanted to say in THIS article - personal note: don't write long articles in English, because no one will read it, it's just too much for one brain :)

Good fight, and good night.