A new Hugi issue is waiting for you to make you happy. Due to the busy lives of many contributors, including myself, it took half a year to prepare it. But the result is pleasant: About 1000 kbytes of texts, new graphic designs and new music is waiting for you to be consumed.

Regarding the graphics, I'd especially like to point to the third background (select it by pressing CTRL+3), the "Hugi Bar" by Fjrb, which is supposed to make navigation inside the magazine yet faster. This was Fjrb's idea. But he also created the first background theme, which you've already seen, the menu buttons and more. Thanks, Fjrb, for your creativity and commitment.

As you might have seen, we now have a separate Literature section. That's because of the large number of poems and short stories that have been submitted to us. Especially thanks to iliks, Sol and the Alchemist! There's yet more of beautiful literature going to be seen in Hugi 26.

In the next issue, there will probably also be new, and perhaps even the final chapters of Morph's love-story series Poetry by eyes of repulsion. In the meantime, you may be interested in checking out Morph's personal homepage, with many articles, stories and poem by him in English and Swedish - it's really worth visiting. The same, by the way, applies to the homepage of another contributor to Hugi, Civax, where he's regularly posting what's going on in his home country Israel - it's a good place to get authentic opinions of concerned people instead of the biased news in the mass media.

One of the biggest articles in this issue is the Flash 5 tutorial by TAD, to be found in the Coding Corner - a nice thing for people who might need this animation/scripting tool for their website.

In the bonus pack (, you'll find (among other things) several 256b intros by baze/3sc, including their source codes. One of them, tube, has recently triggered a real 256b mania in the scene - check it out and see why! Baze is also working on a 256b intro coding tutorial for Hugi 26.

Another special feature of the next issue is going to be a corner about skinning, including tutorials and interviews with artists. SacRat is working on it, feel free to contact him if you want to contribute.

Back to this issue: There's a pretty cool hidden part - can you find it? By the way, congratulations to Tomaes/TAP, TAD, Vhiiula/Analogik, Seven, Polaris/Northern Dragons, Fox/Starlight, Acumen, Bonz, mados/TAP and Gargaj/UD for being the first 10 people who found the hidden part of Hugi 24!

Finally, I'd like to ask you for support. We are especially interested in articles for the next issue, but also in graphics, music and source codes for the bonus pack. Check out the How to Support Hugi article for details.

Also, Hugi is conducting its second empirical study on age and activitiy of demosceners. (The first one was three years ago; 224 sceners participated, and the results can be found in Hugi 16.) Please participate! All you need to do is: open the file supp!h26.txt (included in the Hugi 25 archive), check the appropriate boxes and submit the file to me.

That's all. Now have fun reading this issue! And please send us feedback!

Adok/Hugi - 29 June 2002