ReAct 2002 report

Optimus/Dirty Minds/Nasty Bugs

Hallo! This is supposed to be a "Back from ReAct" article I just wrote in a hurry, very close to the article submission deadline! (Yeah, it happens very often, having 1 week or more to do something that takes just one day, and every day postponing it for the next day. And at the end being pushed to finish it on the last day before the deadline! This is how sceners work with final party coding bits too ;)

ReAct2002 took place in Patra/Greece from 19 to 21 of April. It is the 2nd demoparty I ever visited, a real demoscene party with a lot of fun, a big sound system and a projector showing demos all day, several enthusiastic people, new friends, many productions in the compos and a truly revived Greek demoscene! ReAct was the critical point to observe if my Greek friends could really start the democulture again in my homeplace. There was a lot of enthusiasm after the Digital Nexus 2001 demoparty, but it was vital to see what is going to happen in ReAct after that. You can't even imagine the touching messages full of joy, emotions, satisfaction that several Greek sceners sent in my Greek mailing list at Yahoogroups! We are just wondering now, how things came right this way out of nothing..

I dare to look back in the past, when I was still very young and one day discovered demos alone, by watching some demos on my old 486, which I had found in a CD from a commercial magazine, without being aware of anyone else knowing this unimaginable hidden treasure that came into my reality! Even if the demomaking culture was hardly as known in Greece as it is in northern and central Europe, I learned to my great surprise that there existed a scene in my living place too! Though, it was quite dead after the last Gardening97 demoparty. Greek sceners were lost, there was hardly anyone to communicate through the emails found on the deserted Greek demopages, and hard to find any more infos about the Greek scene and its productions.

In these days, I remember making my very newbie way through democoding, trying to be informed about everything concerning the international demoscene community, making my first noble but enthusiastic steps through the demoscene culture, despite there was no scene in my own homeplace! At the same time, I started building a page keeping all the Greek demos and infos I could gather from around the net, keeping in mind that the newcoming Greek sceners like me would desperately want to find out what happened to the old Greek scene that had passed away before they even knew anything about the demoscene. I've found a few old existing sceners and several newbie ones since then, wrote an article about the demoscene for a Greek commercial computer magazine called PC Master, kept communicating with more Greek people interested in the demoscene, opened a mailinglist to gather with the sceners, kept the spirit alive and wished that the demoscene would start again in Greece. For great luck, some guys were brave enough to organise a demoparty called Digital Nexus 2001 (actually they had tried to make something by using the name of the old Gardening parties one year before, but there was not even a scene to attend the party then..) at the same time when there was hardly any scene to participate. We tried to inform Greek people about the meeting, either from my mailing list or anywhere else on the net, and people were so enthusiastic, spreading rumors about releasing demos at the party!

Me and my Greek friends from Thessaloniki traveled to Athens to attend the party and meet all the others at the beginning of September 2001. The prods were fewer than the rumors, but it was quite good for a dead Greek scene and our pessimism about a new real start of the Greek demoscene. It was after the party that some older sceners couldn't believe that even the slightest thing could start! There was great enthusiasm and this motivated the older and newer sceners to start a new demoscene in Greece. That time, we learned about a second demoparty planned out of nothing, called ReAct. Quite a surprise and an unbelievable thing, 'cause there were had never been 2 different demoparties organised in a year in Greece! This was the vital point that brought us in today. I've come back from ReAct, it's been a real demoparty, the prods have been much more and better than at Digital Nexus, and everything has changed just after ReAct, lots of joyful messages from various sceners in the mailinglist, total motivation, making it sure for me that something having to do with demos has begun and has come here to Greece to settle down for a long time. Several sceners told me either at the party or in the net that I owe something important to this evolvement of the new Greek scene too, with my enthusiasm, articles, pages, mlist, communication and generally scene spirit. I believe that, even if the people who organised the 2 demoparties and the ones that produced something owes more to that. Though, it was so nice to hear that from my friends, thus I felt that I have a place in the Greek scene community too, thinking that I offered something there too through the years of scening for so many hours. Thanx to the people for your kind words anyway, they helped me so much to take a look in the past and feel I have passed an important step in my newbie scene life and move with better spirit and pace in the future. I am pleased now and totally in peace, I can rest my mind and feel totally nice with my new scene life! :)

Ok, this was supposed to be something like "looking at the past, wow, how have we come right here out of nothing?!". A very small Greek scene history from my own eyes when I had discovered this unknown and amazing demoscene community that beautified my life, after the first Greek demodestruction I wasn't even there to witness, from being alone to bringing quite a different state full of scene friends in Greece, 2 demoparties and new Greek demos out of nothing! I am sorry for writing you about these and not starting to talk about the party instead, you have to live it to understand, like I lived the start of a newborn scene, owing something to this evolvement myself too! It's quite different today, I have several friends coming from the demoscene today, meeting some of them several times in Thessaloniki where I live and others at the parties (if not online :). I feel more close to several of the people, after this second party, feeling that we are something like a family or anything now :)

I know I am a pathetic lamer not starting with the party report yet, but the joyful mails full of emotion received in my grdemoscene mailing list after the party, were not better than this crazy state you have encountered here (Ok, in my dreams ;). I should start now, but like always, I don't know from where to start. This time I will start from my parents car. They decided to drive me from Thessaloniki to Patra (being around 500 kilometers), thus I could carry my computer to the partyplace too. I hadn't been able to carry anything to the Digital Nexus before, so I was happy I would have a machine at the partyplace to show my own work to the people and make some more there, for the first time in my scene career! It took around 10 hours to travel from Thessaloniki, but I didn't care about anything when I found the partyplace and went in to see what was going on.

I can't even describe you the amazing atmosphere casted upon me when I walked into the partyplace. I heard loud music coming out of a dark place! This could be the partyplace, I said. I slipped immediately into this dark big hall. I had never seen anything like this before in my (newbie scene) life! A dark place full of computers and a famous favorite demo shown at the big screen through the projector with the big speakers playing music to the full! I was quite touched, like I was at my special home! You may ask what was so special about this? I will explain you: The only scene party experience I had ever had was Digital Nexus 2001. The partyplace had neither been big and comfortable, nor good to play loud music (we were in the city) and show demos all day and night at the projector. We had only seen a few international demos right before the compos in the right corner of the wall. In the middle there had been a door and there had also been several pillars around the partyplace making it uncomfortable for the people to watch. The Digital Nexus partyplace had not been applicable for showing demos all the day on a big central wall, neither had there been any curtains to darken the place and we had been inside the city, so perhaps we shouldn't have had too loud sound through a big soundsystem. Ohh, the sleep had been awful too, over desks! We could be easily seen from the windows from people outside in the street too. In general the partyplace had not been applicable to support the atmosphere of a demoparty! The good news are that the organizers of Digital Nexus have already taken this into consideration (One of them, Apomakros, was present at ReAct. He is also a musician of the Nasty Bugs groups I belong to. Another organizer of DN, Cybernoid, is a graphician of our group too!) and started to search for a better partyplace. Anyway, I think that you are now aware why ReAct was in fact the first place to feel the real demoparty atmosphere (which is a quite a usual thing at the more known international demoparties around Europe) and not Digital Nexus, which was the first demoparty I had ever visited. The overall demoparty atmosphere and happenings that I lived in there were much better than what I had witnessed before, but I hope and believe that the DN organizers will do their best to bring us a similar experience at the next Digital Nexus 2002, too..

The only known person I could find there at first was Bad Sector, my pal from our Nasty Bugs group. And of course some of the organizers too, whom I had first met at Digital Nexus and had kept contacting through the net, Raoul and Zafos, quite nice guys :) We were quite alone then, the partyplace was empty (except some unknown people in the front rows, which I didn't know, some of them could have come here to play Quake clones as usual), I was happy and stared all the time at the big screen showing demos and took a look around the partyplace, which happened to be a great memorial for some older sceners. (It is exactly the partyplace of the old Gardening 96 and 97 demoparties, which I haven't caught up through time to experience, but only had visions of from some photos.) Recognisable music patterns from famous demos came into my hears from the loud sound system while I was trying to set up my computer at the partyplace. I was really touched, couldn't believe what was going on in there and it was still the beginning of everything! I couldn't think of what my newbie scene friends from Thessaloniki or others around Greece would witness getting into the partyplace, 'cause Digital Nexus was the only experience for them too! Till they would come, I opened my PC and showed various things of my work to Bad Sector and he showed me his own stuff too. I mainly showed some CPC code I did (just a fire effect actually), assembling code through Winape32 emulator and calling it from Basic. Then I sat down to improve my fire and connect different effects in a main program for future use in my 1st CPC demo I am still working on from time to time. Kept waiting till the others came and watching at Bad Sector's things too.

The funny thing was that from time to time, curious students who didn't know anything about the demoscene came to the partyplace and started asking about what was going on in here. And in fact, we were in the tables behind, in the least distance from the entrance to the hall, thus most of the guys found me to ask first about the happening! I just gave my best to that, being quite practiced in the past in the art of proselytizing illiterate people into the demoscene sect =) Another nice thing is that I found several new friends during the whole partytime. A few of them knew and liked demos but they were alone to start anything. I remember showing them how some easy plasma and fire algorithms worked, through my quickbasic sources. They were quite amazed that such small code and simple logics were needed for some effects! Anyway, I met a few people and kept email addresses for further communication, hoping that they would found a group (or better helping them to find one, 'cause I know more people who are alone and want to get in contact to start a new group with others..) to start working together with other people. I also met KOD, quite a weird old Greek CPC scener, who was amazed to learn there was actually still a CPC demoscene making good demos from time to time, and even Greek people still coding for CPC. Unfortunatelly he left and didn't catch up to show him some of the newer CPC demos. It was quite nice to find new friends and get more in touch with the old ones too..

At night, my Greek friends from Thessaloniki and Athens arrived at the partyplace. They were quite surprised too, when watching the cool dark place full of music and the big screen showing their favorite demos! They all settled down, setting up their PCs and greeting the other people and the organisers there. The bad thing was that they settled far away from us, in the right corner of the place (We were lucky though, 'cause several power supply cut offs occurred in the right side of the PCs :) so we were working alone. Though, Bad Sector had taken a place for Apomakros' computer too, the musician of Nasty Bugs and one of the organizers of Digital Nexus. So, Apomakros came into the partyplace, and settled down on the Nasty Bugs table :)

I kept coding on the CPC Winape32 Z80 assembler, improving my fire/blur effect, making different versions of it, smaller and bigger (blockier), with scanlines or not and then tried to connect various different blurtype sources (blur on X with 2 pixels around, smooth with 4 neighbour pixels, fire up blur, etc..) into a main source to set them ready for my incoming 1st CPC demo (It's a pain in the ass for coders (and I am quite a newbie :) to connect separate effects in one, 'cause the org memory address and more stuff (like remaining registers and labels) change and there are several things to be done in order that they will work fine together and being able to transmit from one effect to another. There is more pain, in connecting effects and designing transmitions, than coding separate effects..) Then I showed some older 3d dots I had done in quickbasic to Bad Sector, and he gave me the idea to shade the dots in Z, which was easy to do. The old engine was left there (It can now load a few 3d objects and I have constructed cubes, spheres, toruses and wavelets too :) but I hope I will pass it in a better language (C/C++?) and construct a nicer software 3d engine with wireframe and polygons too, slowly, slowly in the future.

Anyway, by doing all this code (Actually I could hardly get used to code with all this noise around me, it was not bad with nice demomusic to my ears, but it got worse when the demo showing stopped for a while and we could only hear sound pollution from some Quake clones 3 computer places around!!! :P) time had passed and we thought it would be a good idea to take some sleep. I encountered a new thing for my newbie demoparty experience for the first time. The anxiety of someone stealing my equipment. But Apomakros had more to take care of, 'cause he carried a laptop with him. I don't know what he did (Probably slept with it). Anyway, we forgot our anxiety and moved on to the mattress mountain(?!). Yes, there was a corner full of mattresses one upon another, enclosed with nylon, we wouldn't even care about a good sleep! (The only remaining thing for that state though, was something to block our ears for a while.) How did these mattresses come here? Organizing with balls? Or just luck??? I guess the second happened, the place was at the university, and probably some irrelevant people had transfered the mattresses to that corner without knowing of our demoparty. Whatever, it was so great and soft and a bit more away from noise, with a nice top view through the whole partyplace, bigscreen and our valuable equipment :)

Next day. I was quite tired and it was quite early at 7:00 in the morning. Still, it was not as good as sleeping in home, but quite promising than anything we might possibly encounter in any future demoparties. I was hungry but there was nobody there in the early morning to saturate my stomach. There was a canteen at the university place, but opened at 9:00 in the morning. Although we took a little breakfast in the place where the students are allowed to eat something for free (I just don't know how is it called in English, damn! ;P). After that, we went to the canteen to eat some more ;) We were quite hungry and tired, u know..

I don't remember anything special happening after that. I sat down in front of my computer to do some more code on the CPC, but I was working very slowly, due to several facts (tiredness, noise, anxiety and more..), but anyway, I stopped after that. At noon, my scene friends wanted to get out and move in a place around the university to get something to eat. I was quite tired that time and dissatisfaction remembered me back again, a bad feeling of not releasing anything serious for another time at the party. Ok, I had something to release, but very lame (and more this time), I did it so that I would show even 1% rather than nothing at all. I was wondering if I could forget, enjoy the party instead and draw or code something for fun at the partyplace for the compos, without caring about anything. I was quite in a bad mood for just a tiny moment (even though I knew how lame it had worked out with Atsou at Digital Nexus) just because of this. Ok, I am quite perfectionist person so releasing bad things hurt a bit, but of course I have to take things easily and it will take time to code something better with the other members of Nasty Bugs and not necessarily under party deadlines. It's a good thing after all that I shared some discussion with scene friends about my dissatisfaction of what I had produced for the scene till now, making me feeling better by telling me that I had actually helped the Greek scene a lot, and reminding me that even such an activity with simple lame demos was better than nothing at all. Returning from the party and taking into consideration all these and the very positive words of my scene friends telling me I owed to the evolvment of the new Greek scene too much, my state changed a bit to more optimistic, working with more pace and better spirit without caring that hard! At least I think so..

Anyway, I remember that we didn't get anything to eat for some reason and got back into the partyplace again. I already had a wild demo to present there, some pre'thepoorfreak' qbasic code I had accidentally found on my father's HD. It was already ready since time, I wanted to release it just to have at least one contribution there, no matter how lame it was. Though, I decided to sit down and code some more stuff in quickbasic (I still don't know to code more comfortably in anything else than quickbasic yet, 'cause I got used in it and I am quite new with C or asm). I decided to get 6 unreleased photos of me and my scene friends boozing in Thessaloniki and code a simple slideshow. I quickly made a plasma transmission effect, the first time that I coded such a thing, it was quite nice and my friends liked it. And then I started to copy-paste my old BMP loading code (Ok, I don't know anything else than this now) in a function and connected all of them. I had to code a simple scroller in front of the images and some pseudosync and more. My only distress was the fact that another demo (a slideshow actually) of mine had no music again. I don't know anything about music programming, but I had better get used of a sound library one day. And there was one in a qbasic demo but I wasn't able to understand in my fuzz what was going on with it. (Ugh! Next time I should search early for a music player and how to control it easily :P) A part of my code was done during the music compo btw. So, it's time to talk about them..

The compos started in the evening and ended at night. Actually half of them ended on the 2nd day and the others were left for the 3rd day, because they wanted to start a techno party at the partyplace at midnight (some people were quite annoyed at that, others liked it). We had 22 music entries in total, quite an impressive number for the newborn Greek scene! The compo was splitted in two, tracked & MP3 music compos. What seemed bad to me (and others) was the fact that there were some quite big modules in the compo, one of them taking 10MB!!! The organizers hadn't set any rules for the music compo, being afraid of getting less contributions, at least that's what I heard from other people. I could hardly know what to vote for at the partyplace, first because the entries I had heard had been so many, second because I was quite busy working on my second qbasic contribution (the slideshow) for the compos. But I have heard some of the modules I downloaded these days at home. I (like many others) didn't like the winner Athens2044 song. Some people said someone cheated by voting several times from his IP, but that's another story I wouldn't like to discuss in this article. My favorite tune seems to be Angelic Tears by Legend/Xtatic (it seems that we had at least one non-Greek contribution again and this is something we like very much :) Interesting was Dark!=Evil from Apomakros, a dark-gothic atmosphere with his and a female's voice too. (Perhaps the nonprofessional voices don't sound that good to your ears..) Several of the other songs were nice too, can't mention one after the other though being afraid I might forget anyone :) As for the MP3s, I can't remember anything and I haven't downloaded them yet. Anyway..

The demo compos came next! Till then, I had handled all of my contributions (I gave also an old, bad raytraced UFO I had done back then on my 486 in a time I wasn't even aware of the demoscene, found on my HD and decided to give it for the compo just for fun, no matter how lame it was), the qbasic prehistoric code for the wild and the slideshow for the democompo (But then the orgos decided to show both of my entries in the wild demo compo instead. I agree it was a better idea 'cause they were quite lame for the demo compo :) There were 6 entries here. 2 of them were non-accelerated. The only good (and extraordinary!) demo at the compo was Edge of Forever by A.S.D. (Andromeda Software Developers), the group who had brought us Cadence and Cascade at Digital Nexus! The visuals were quite amazing and beautiful (especially the part with the vase and the flower, the underwater diffusion, the snow globe, the hand with the galaxy and the particle jelly fishes, ok, ok.. many of the parts! :), the transmissions and ideas quite clever and original, there was an MP3 music done by a scener and not ripped this time, it's much better than their previous one and some visuals rockin' (wuw.. that base with the flower and the rays and rain and the other with the jelly fishes and the galaxy,.. ok cuttin :) Others were Blue wire software demo (Nina's first demo. She is a determined female coder, whom I know personally), which gets quite slow in few parts, Oxen by Jobo, a small simple accelerated demo by my friend, who was afraid of the multimedia as he said :) Then we saw 2 more accelerated demos by nlogn, the ReAct organizing group and ^gfx (My friends told me he is from Cyprus, hehe.. it would be fun to see a scene there too :). Most of the entries are very small and simple coding compared to the international standards but at least it's nice that several newbies got into the democoding with their noble contributions for ReAct. And then Nasty Bugs' contribution, Bad Sector's silly joke to the organizers who had asked him desperately for a demo even if it was just a bouncing pixel! =)

After that we had to vote. (We did it again with tracked and then MP3 music, separately. But for some strange reason I only voted for tracked music and lost the time when I had to vote for the others..) People could either vote from their PCs through the network (I had a network card in my computer, but it wasn't working then :P) or from the main computer of the organizers (one by one). They had to vote for their 3 favorites. I have heard that moT/dEUS had helped the organizers by coding the voting system at the party. The organizers were quite newbies with their job, and did several mistakes with the demoparty, but got enough experience for organizing such an event next year. (I am still wondering how these people took such a responsibility, organising a demoparty, being so newbie with party organising. I mean it positively, I liked that some people decided to do a second Greek demoparty out of nothing, with no party experience, when a lot of work and responsibility are needed for that. I would be afraid to start something like this today, before going to several parties and having an idea about what matters. Congratulations guys :)

After that they started the techno party. believe me, it was worse even than the sound in some epileptic farbrausch demos, it was something like boom booom boom booom boom and again boom boom boom boom! =) Anyway, we were quite tired and decided to get some sleep. I don't remember if I had slept that night though. It was the night I met another new friend, Thor, who had made the Nagina module and had taken the 2nd place in the tracked music. We were discussing several things, about CPC, the scene, coding, his wish to start again with the demoscene and more. I also remember I found Navis, Incus and Amoivikos of the ASD group and we went in another bar in the university to get some beer. I had quite a nice mood that night! Then someone told me to move my equipment to another safer place, 'cause the party was full of illiterate people who came for the techno music and people were afraid of their equipment. And so I did.

For one time I remember me getting out of the university and making a lonely walk alone in the night. I'm used to doing this, in my homeplace too, walking in the night in the city alone, making thoughts (or even whispering them) of anything that could make me feel better or different. Quite strange. So I did that that night. Then I came back. I needed it to get strength, you know, my dissatisfaction about my incomplete scene activity, ok.. I know now I am totally crazy with that, but I love myself for that ;)

I think that I came back after a while and found people again (Ugh? Am I a misanthropist? Hehe, my weird self looks ironically funny to me ;) and then got some sleep in the mountain. The next morning the boom boom music stopped and I woke up. I was hungry again :) There were really few people. Several sceners had left the partyplace. I went to plug in my computer again but the cables were missing! Either someone had stolen them or Bad Sector had takenthem together with him at the previous day when he had left the partyplace to head home. Ugh.. I decided to watch some demos with the dEUS people instead :) It was nice to have a look at their demo preferences, and fun to see emc pressing escape without a second thought when he thought that a demo was not worth watching it till the end. We were all waiting for the gfx and wild demo compos btw. There were 8 entries in the gfx compo and 6 in the wild one..

The best time was during the wild. It was nice 'cause the place was quiet and empty, and there were around 10-20 sceners all together like a family, creating a really nice atmosphere, especially during the wild we laughed our ass out while watching, demos with insider jokes for the Greek people! Extremelly funny was the wild from Navis/ASD because it was targeted toward ME!!! Optimus-meddle, a wild demo satirizing my crazy self, my silly quickbasic demos (The Poor Freak, Into the Fight) and my big texts and more! It was a really funny experience for me to see on the big screen with a few close people a demo about me :) I wasn't offended of course, since the jokes were about things I didn't hide but expressed through my quickbasic demos alone. At the end I said "Hey I can't believe it, a demo for me, my 1st vote goes to this =)" but I was wrong since there was an even funnier thing to follow. "I wanna be a demoscener", a demoscene alternate to Monkey Island, Flash demo with the dialogues in the bar with the 3 pirates. What an idea?! They are 2 of the most clever and funny wild demos I have ever seen in the Greek scene! After that, we saw 2 raytraced videos, one being done by Alias Medron/Padua, quite a nice work I enjoyed at the big screen. The other was another 3d raytraced video by some guys I don't know. Ohh, and 2 pathetic qbasic demos by an unknown lamer Optimus, who thought it was sooo clever to tire us with 5 minutes of useless slowly scrolling texts and photos, and prehistoric qbasic code with line drawing animation and pathetic sky color cycling ;P Ok, I just have fun flaming my own self, I know I am crazy, buhuhuhuhu =)

Ugh.. time to leave (and finish this pathetic article). It was time to go. My parents have come with the car to get me. I carried my computer and then got back to say goodbye to my friends. I don't know, but I was feeling closer to several people in there after this second party. Surely closer to my scene friends whom I usually met in Thessaloniki too, but also with the ones that I only knew a bit from Digital Nexus or from the internet. Personally I start to understand more and more about meeting friends through demoparties, and how things work, no matter what the distance is. I feel more connected even to the people whom I usually don't see face2face in any other place than demoparties, but talked so many times through the phone or the internet, so close as if we have something that bounds us. We are, after all, a family of very few people, the very few ones who started with demomaking in Greece, and only the idea that me and my friends have a similar interest in demos, the things that very few people in the world know and understand, makes us feel closer! After the party I felt a bit more of how friendship in the demoscene worked and thought this was the most valuable present demoscene had ever given to me! ReAct has been an experience that I will never forget..

Each party I arrive from, my state changes a lot. (It rhymes too :) Friends, thoughts, feelings, new plans, webpages, scan photos, upload things to scene sites, rest, these come right after a demoparty, especially after my first ones which were an extraordinarily new experience for me, the newbie scener (people told me I should stop calling myself a newbie, but I think it sounds much better to a rather perfectionist scener like me ;). I have even finished this article too, I hope. Can't wait till I send it to the editor and take some more rest..

Tomorrow I will watch a few demos with my new GeForce2MX400 I bought, play some Doom, surf on the net, get out, and then come back to install C++ and open Nehe's tutorial to get more into OpenGL coding. I took the decision to move one step from quickbasic! (Weellll, I could see it's a huge jump and not just a step actually :) Other sceners made lame and tiny OpenGL demos at the party which nevertheless look much nicer and more colorful than my quickbasic ones. (I won't leave software rendering and quickbasic though, I just want to take a break with something new with easier code needed to output a beautiful result.) Then I have to take a look at finishing my 1st CPC demo (I hope to find time as soon as possible for that too, since the scene seems to be quite dead!) and then take a look at the job I have to do with Antitec, and update some pages, write back to my contacters, watch some minor scene stuff, ok, ok... this scene life tires me, but it's worth the way.... I will be in a better form tomorrow. Bye..

What sceners were there?

Well.. Optimus, Nuclear, iM, Amigo, Bad Sector, Navis, Amoivikos, Nina, Alias Medron, Emc, Mot, Amusic, Zafos, Raoul Duke, CjDib, Zouzoulos, Oddie, Psyche, Apomakros, diDuke, Thor, Kod, Jobo, Eva-S, Fubyo, Sybex and many more I may forgot..


Demo compo

1st Edge of Forever by ASD

2nd Blue Wire by Nina/ASD

3rd Superksys by nlogn

4th Oxen by Jobo

5th Tinan by Nasty Bugs

6th Peacekeeperz by ^gfx

Graphics compo

1st By the call of the moon by Amoivikos/ASD

2nd deserted by iM

3rd Cover your eyes by da

4th Karma by Alias Medron

5th Milk by Degrysin

6th Ufo by Optimus

7th Door by Real Creations

8th kiki by nEo

Tracking compo

1st Athens2044 by Romeoknight

2nd Nagina by Thor

3rd Welcome by Heroes

4th Voices of sinister by aMUSIC

5th Excursion by Palmuter

6th Rising souls 2 by CjDib

7th Bleep me! by Bad Sector

8th Dark!=Evil by Apomakros

9th Angelic Tears by Arcanum (Legend/Xtatic???)

10th Power of perception by moT

11th Keep up by Amigo

12th Lonely Walk by Da Medron

MP3 compo

1st Man with red face by Nec

2nd Up and Down by Real Creations

3rd Pulse by Galactic

4th FAK32 by Akira

5th Yoga by Screw

6th Breakpoints in time by Fubyo

7th Dongle by Dousk

8th Flying above the earth after death by Cyto

9th Aftertouch by Weird Alchemy

10th Let your heart fly your body by Spyweirdos

Wild demo compo

1st I wanna be a demoscener by Mogwai Productions

2nd Optimus-meddle by ASD

3rd 3D by Real Creations

4th Nothing special by Alias Medron/Padua

5th The Project Infofreak by Optimus

6th Photos by Optimus

Pouet ReAct results

See you at the next demoparty!

Optimus/Dirty Minds/Nasty Bugs