Final invitation

Released: 01st June 2002

See our website at http://flag2002.demoscene.hu


The FLaG Organizing Team is proud to invite you to the fifth FLaG party, held in Budapest, 12th - 14th July, 2002. This is a completely gamer- and mass media-free, fun & beer & friendship oriented scene party. We strongly believe that the scene is for the sceners, and we don't need crowds of outsiders just to tell how many tickets we sold. Anyone knowing and understanding the principles of oldschool scene fun, the world of underground computer arts are welcome. We also welcome young and talented people, who never yet had the fortune to experience of a true scene party, but would like to become a productive member of our great family, or simply like watching demos, and respect demomakers as they deserve.


The party date and location is the following:

12th - 14th July 2002
Budapest, Hungary
Csokonai Cultural Centre
1153 Budapest, Eotvos utca 64-66.

The entry fee is 2000 HUF or 8 Euro. Entry is free for girls and Mat of Ozone.

The party starts at 15:00 on the 12th of July, and ends 12:00 on the 14th of July. We hope you'll all remember these dates as the best three days ever. But for this you'll need to get to the partyplace, which is not that easy if you don't know Budapest. Here is a little help.

The place is a cultural centre, located in the northern part of Budapest, also known as Ujpest. Follow these steps.

- Go to the subway station named 'Ujpest-Kozpont'. This is rather easy, as it's the final terminal of the 3rd subway line, designated M3. You can change to this line from any other lines at the station called 'Deak ter'.

- Get overground and find the Burger King restaurant. Board the bus number 96 there. Travel to the 4th stop. You should pass by a smaller shopping center, a public bath, a water tower and then travel across a bridge over the railroad.

- After getting off, find the street named 'Eotvos utca'. It will be a few steps back toward the bridge. There turn left and walk a few steps until you see the place. It'll be some corners away, with Hungarian flag on its street front. See the Flash website for an interactive city guide.

If you need accomodation during your Budapest stay, we can recommend you a cheap backpackers' hostel, named Hotel Bakfark. Their prices start from 3000 HUF (some 12 Euro) per night and person. It's recommended to reserve your places till the middle of June. You can use this e-mail address:


This hostel is unfortunately not too close to the partyplace, but it's very close to a metro station, so you can easily and quickly reach the party in half an hour. If you're already in Budapest, you can reach them by phone at 413-2062. Ask for Ingrid Hirlik.


Every year we are glad to welcome new faces on our FLaG Parties, which means a growing interest in our world, the subculture of underground computer arts. But most of our promising new faces have never seen such a party before, so let us help these people with a few advice regarding demoparties.

We recommend you to bring these:

- Your computer, or at least a hard disk.
- An electric divider, if you bring your computer.
- Headphones are recommended if you want to hear your computer in the noise.
- A sleeping bag or a blanket. You'll need that in the sleeping room. Of course it's unnecessary if you live close enough to go home to sleep. But however, leaving the party for even a second is a mistake.
- Some biscuits and such food for the night when no shops are open. You'll grow very hungry around dawn if you keep partying all the night.
- A warm pullover. Despite of the hot summer, you can get very cold in the morning if you're tired.
- Toilet paper, guess why.
- Coca-Cola, to keep you awake.
- Three cheap pens. It's required for voting during the compos, or writing this and that down. Three is recommended, because you can easy lose one, and someone will surely borrow the second forever.
- A small pocket light, or at least a lighter that can help you finding tiny computer parts falling on the floor.
- Some money to buy food, beers or something like that. Some 3-4000 HUF is enough for three days. If you would like to enter our competitions, graphics, music or anything else, note that the compo entry needn't be done at the party. You can bring the finished entry to the party and enter it. We recommend you to arrive on Friday around 17:00. Most hap penings will take place on Saturday, but during the first night you might find it interesting to meet other people - also other newbies - and build friendship with them. Never mind your age, it's not a concern on the demoscene, neither the years spent wi th activity. It's all about friendship. One will get respect from others by the products he or she has created.


People who visited FLaG last year might be remembering the layout of the place, perfectly suited for a demoparty. There is a big hall with place for 2-300 people, and of course, with high quality technical equipment. We will have a nice garden with bench es and tables to sit down with friends and a beer, a high quality buffet, also serving alcohol and hot food. If you don't want to sit outside, there is a chillout hall with comfortable armchairs. Of course, there will be a silent sleeping room upstairs, as usual, furnished with some matrasses. If you've already seen the Party info page, then you might know that there is a public bath nearby the partyplace. You can take a shower, or even a good swim there any time.

Among our usual programmes we will have spectacular demoshows, fun competition, surprise acts, open air cooking, and the very successful CG (Computer Graphics) meeting, where individuals and different companies will present their newest technologies and achievements on the field of 3D graphics and development. The exact programme of this conference can be found in the last section of this website.


Yes, you know you're cool, because you attended FLaG Party. But don't you want everybody to know it? Say, doesn't it feel good when people whisper on the bus behind you? Cute chicks fall on their knees when seeing you? Teachers flee in panic? All you nee d is to buy the Incredible FLaG 2002 Party T-Shirt!

The shirt will be sold at the party, for approximately 2000 HUF or 8 Euros. You can also order yours by mail, see the Contact section for addresses. See the T-shirt's picture on the party website.


This is not a final timetable. Be prepared for changes, also check often for updates about new programmes. Everything is possible.


  15:00  Party  opening
            You can come earlier, but you'll have to help us arranging tables.
  17:00  Opening ceremony
  18:00  Computer Graphics Conference
            Conference for 3D graphicians and coders.
            The planned timetable of this conference is contained later in this
  21:00  Open air cooking in the garden
  23:00  Demoshow
            Demos on the  big screen,  both old  and new ones,  and not only PC


  11:00  Music and Commodore 64 compos deadline
  12:00  Retro game competition
            An Atari 2600 game console and the duel game 'Combat' from 1978. Do
            you dare to face the challenge? Sign up!
  14:00  All compos deadline
  15:00  Music competitions 4 channel, multichannel and MP3 compos.
  18:00  Commodore 64 competitions C-64 music, graphics and demo compos.
  22:00  All other competitions


  00:00  Prizegiving ceremony
  12:00  Party closing


The Computer Graphics Conference is a static program of FLaG Party. It is a series of presentations, during which companies and individual artists display their work methods, workshop secrets, tricks, introduce the equipment they use, or tell about the m aking of their latest productions.

This conference is open for everyone, and we gladly accept new presentators. If you think you or your company has something to show, to tell, just drop us a note. Individual presentators will receive a free entry ticket.

  18:00  Varimex Informatics Rt
              Creating plastic models of CAD objects - Rapid Prototyping
  18:30  Leonardo SNS
              The Matrox RT2500 realtime digital video editing system
              The CG Academy (Gergely Vass) 
  19:00  Studio 21
  19:30  Digital Reality
              Our new space strategy game, Haegemonia 
  20:00  Pantomat Kft.
              A new method for human face recognition and modeling 
  20:30  Reptile / Astroidea
              Secrets and tricks of modern 3D accelerators 

More presentations, also from foreign game developer studios, are being planned. We'll keep this page updated with all the newest information as available.


Several art competitions will be held at FLaG 2002, and you're invited to join any of them. There is no age limit, compo entry fee, or so, you just pick the competition you feel closest to you, create your entry, give it to us, and hope that the audience votes yours the best. Foreigners who can't travel to our party are allowed to send their entries by e-mail. See the contact page for the organizers' addresses.


The demo should be in Win32 executable format, with a maximum of 12 megabytes. It may use external files, but must not exceed 12 MB including these. The maximum playing time is five minutes. The demo must not be a pre-rendered or pre-drawn animation. Lam e demos, done in five minutes and considered to be "funny" by their creators will be disqualified. The demo should quit when pressing Esc. Please note us if your production has special needs to run.

Here we would like to remind you, dear PC sceners, what is a demo. A demo is a *spectacular* piece of realtime electronic art. But nowadays you all think that a demo is a 3D factory scene and a jerking camera. No, it's not.


Well, I think those who still make Amiga demos should be knowing all the rules. If there will only be 1 Amiga demo, we'll unify the PC and the Amiga compos.


The intro should be in Win32 executable format, with a maximum of 64 kilobytes. It must not use external files. The maximum playing time is five minutes. The intro must not be a pre-rendered or pre-drawn animation. Lame intros, done in five minutes and c onsidered to be "funny" by their creators will be disqualified.


The intro should be in executable format, with a maximum of 4 kilobytes. It must not use external files. The maximum playing time is three minutes. The intro must not be a pre-rendered or pre-drawn animation.


The intro should be in executable format, with a maximum of 256 bytes. It must not use external files. The maximum playing time is three minutes. This compo is sponsored by Robymus of Byteam.

486 DEMO

A special compo for oldschool programmers. This is a compo for productions running on a 486 DX4/100 computer. Maximum size for the demo is 4 MB, and must run under MS-DOS. See compo machine specifications at the bottom of this text.


Musics should be in XM, IT, MOD or S3M format, and may only use four channels maximum. File size limit is 3 MB. Maximum playing time is 4 minutes. Ripped or digitized musics will be disqualified.


Musics should be in XM, IT, MOD or S3M format. File size limit is 3 MB. Maximum playing time is 4 minutes. Ripped or digitized musics will be disqualified.


Musics should be in MP3 or OGG format. No file size limit. Maximum playing time is 4 minutes. Ripped, stolen or digitized musics will be disqualified.


We expect pictures drawn on a computer, in any format which ACDSee 3.0 is able to open. The maximum resolution is 800x600 true color, pictures over this resolution will be scaled back. Scanned images will be disqualified, raytraced ones will be passed to the raytrace category.


We expect pictures created with 3D art programs, in any format which ACDSee 3.0 is able to open. The maximum size is 800x600 true color, pictures over this resolution will be scaled back. Scanned images will be disqualified. Each entrant should attach a wireframe rendering of his picture, without this the entry will be disqualified.


This is a competition for computer produced (mostly rendered 3D, but we also accept Flash) short animations. The animation should be in DivX AVI, Indeo AVI, MPG-1 or SWF format, the maximum resolution is 640x480, however, lower resolutions are preferred. We don't accept anything recorded from TV or so. Even if you put Premiere effects in it.


Do we need to set rules? If you're a 64'er, you know them all, if you're not, you won't compete anyway... :)


In those old times, when we had no GeForce 3... No fancy 2 GHz CPUs to burn the house down... Not even the Commodore VIC-20 yet... There were the simple video games which gave us fun for years. The ultimate classic on the gaming field is undoubtedly the first modern game console, the Atari Video Computer System, also known as the Atari 2600. With an 1.26 MHz Z26 CPU it was the dream machine of 1977. By the way, it was designed by the late Jay M iner, the father of the Amiga.

At this compo we'll have an Atari 2600 connected to the projector, and pairs of players will duel each other in a classic game titled Combat. Two tanks, two joysticks and only your guts to beat your foe.


Anyone may enter our competitions in any category. There are no limits for age, sex, fame or technical experience. However, quality preselection will be done in each category, and your production, if it doesn't reach a certain quality, might be disqualif ied. But don't let this make you think that we kick beginners from the compos: we truly welcome beginners, and in the demo/intro competitions we will perhaps judge a beginner group's work way less rigorously then a well-known one's.

If you would like to contribute, bring your contribution material to the party (this is pretty obvious). Ask for a compo entry form at the info desk. You will receive it along with a plastic bag. Fill the form, you should give us your entry's title, cate gory and so on. Then insert your disks into the bag, along with the form, close it, and insert it into the box located there. You're done.


Winners in each category will be selected by audience voting and a five member jury. First the audience voting runs. Before the compos you can go to the info desk with your ticket, and ask for your voting sheet. You can write your votes on that sheet during or after the compos. Later you can insert it into the vote box at the infodesk again. The votes will be evaluated by computer, and the usual morons who will surely suspect us with cheating, will not be given a shit. The program's source code is available, if you wish to browse it.

Only one voting sheet will be accepted from one person, and we're not interested if the second one you are trying give us belong to your friend, who has just left to sleep. Please don't be lame, and don't vote to your friend just because he is your friend, if you know that there were better entries in the competition.

After the compos we'll collect and evaluate voting sheets. This will give a ranking among the entrants. But this will not be the final result. Now in each category, the one placed 1st will receive 25 points, the second 20 points, and so on, while the 5th placed entry will receive 5 points. Now this first five entry will be re-evaluated by the jury.

The jury will consist of five respected and well-known sceners: a coder, a musician, a pixel graphician, a 3D graphician/animator, and a non-professional.

Each jury member will build his own ranking list of the best five works in each category. If a jury member votes an entry to the 1st place, that will mean 5 points for the entry, the second place 4, and so. This way, for example, if all five jury members give the entry the 1st place, that means 25 points for it, and this will be added to the score which it reached by the audience voting: remember, 25 to 5 points. Adding up these points will give the final score.


The following compo machines will be used to display productions:

- Intel Pentium IV 2 GHz, 512K cache
- 512 MB RDRAM
- Innovision GeForce 4 Ti6200 64MB DDR
- Sound Blaster Live
- Windows 2000 English
- Latest DirectX and OpenGL

- Amiga 1200
- Blizzard 1260 (66 MHz)
- 2 MB ChipRAM
- 80 MB FastRAM

- Commodore 64C2
- New SID, 8500 CPU
- 1541/II
- Action Replay MK5

- Intel 486 DX4/100
- 8 MB RAM
- S3 Trio64V+ 2 MB
- Gravis Ultrasound Classic 512K


This party would never born without the invaluable help of our supporters. We say thank you to the following companies and individuals who are helping FLaG 2002 to become the best Hungarian party again.

Leonardo SNS

This Hungarian company deals with computer graphics, video and post-production, along with the distribution of high-end equipment and organizing training courses. Their support makes the CG conference possible.

Studio 21

The leading Discreet distributor of Hungary supports us with valuable prizes that make it really worth to enter the 3D graphics or the animation compos.

Digital Reality

The well known Hungarian game developer workshop employs a lot of former demosceners, so they know how important it is to support the scene. Just like last year, we can be grateful for some valuable prizes from them.

Varinex Rt.

This company will present their quite interesting CAD processing methods during the CG conference, see the timetable for information. Besides, they donate some nice prizes.

Pantomat Kft.

Another addition to the series of interesting presentations during the CG conference. And yes, some more prizes. Thank you.

Mikropo Vizualtechnika

A long-time supporter of FLaG and other Hungarian parties, Mikropo is providing our super-high quality projector. Thanks to this company, FLaG organizing team always has the newest display technologies, since 1998.

Telnet Hungary

This well-known Hungarian IT and Internet corporation helps our efforts with media support, displaying our banners on their portals, like stop.hu and extra.hu.

Computer Panorama

This monthly computer magazine also acts as a media sponsor, displaying our banner on their website.

Chip Magazin

The editors of Chip Magazin also help spreading news of our party.

More sponsors are always welcome.

Also, we'd like to say big thanks for helping our efforts to the following persons:

Aboy of D-Eyes
Teo / Kangooroo
Oswald / Resource


Main organizer & webmaster of the party website:
Tomcat / Greenroom

Music compos organizer:
Nagz / Greenroom

If you prefer voice contact, call Tomcat:
(+36) (1) 3507896

If you live in the stone age, write snail mail:
Polgar Tamas
1139 Budapest
Kartacs utca 7.