Flash inc.

Many years ago Flash inc. was among the first groups that participated in the DemoDesign movement in the Ex-USSR. Flash inc. is a group from Novosibirsk which has a nine-year-old history. Now, after a couple of years, the group is gathering again, with a new crew, new faces. Times has come for new people and new ideas. Time has come for a new crew.

If you feel that you have a talent, that you have something which you could show to the other people, that you are in need of support from the alter egos - then welcome! We are glad to see everybody!

Maybe you are a girl who enjoys drawing or designing, or you are a beginner programmer who desires to program games, demos? Or maybe you are a musician? A level designer or 3D modeler? Maybe you feel that you are a great painter? Or maybe you are a fan of old home computers such as ZX Spectrum, Amiga, C64, Atari? We have use for everyone!

Computer graphics artists,
2D designers,
3D modelers,
Game worlds designers,
High Math and Physics consultants,
Texture designers,

We must find each other in order to complement us mutually and to become a crew. It's hard to achieve outstanding results being alone. Hereabout there is a great artist or a musician who has finished music. You don't know nothing about web-design? But there are lots of beginner web-designers wishing to try themselves in a real work, they will save you from months of learning Perl, HTML and PHP. Because it's THEIR work.

Maybe you are a programmer who puzzle his brains implementing a complex algorithm?
But there always should be a friend who will help by his advice!
Don't lay this aside, join the crew!
Spread this information to your friend (girlfriend)!

More details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We are giving our apologies to darling girls, because all the following text will have masculine form, though everything applies for you too!

Q: What are our aims?
A: The aim for making a crew, or as they said earlier, creative collective, is joining talented people for friendship, communication. There is a certain kind of people who are talented and intent to self-expression. They do this in different areas of art. Somebody writes music, another one does models of airplanes, etc.
In the last decade a new category of art has appeared - computer art, this was conditioned by wide spread of personal computers. Our crew needs exactly such people. If one is alone, he has no impetus for moving forward, his talent isn't fully formed. It is formed in a crew, one feels union and support.

Q: Is commercial activity planned?
A: At the current moment the aim of the group is non-commercial activity. But yes, it is planned for the future. Frequently demo-groups become game development studios.
Remedy is well-known for their Max Payne,
EpicGames - for Unreal.
Former FutureCrew members are working in BitBoys.
Jonne Valtonen, Future Crew musician, has organized his own musical studio, and so one, the number of examples is big.

Q: What exactly is planned to do?
A: Games, Demos, Magazines. Maybe videoclips.

Q: What requirements are applied to me? What person should I be?
A: First of all, you should be a creative one. The wish to create is necessary. Your talents should be useful for a group. Of course, it's not required to be a professional, but you should aspire to self-cultivation, to be able to learn. It is necessary to be obstinate.

Q: I wish to program, should I know 3D algorithms, C language, assembly?
A: No. But you will learn them soon because in a group an exchange of experience and stuff is done.

Q: I don't know how much I am talented. Maybe all I am making is a full nonsense?
A: Firstly - don't think about this. It is impossible to say this in advance. You could be just very obstinate, patient and operable. This is sufficient. Secondly - only another people will say you about this. Thirdly - it is necessary to compare your talent with existing works. We publish several samples on a site and you could compare your talents.

Q: Should I present existing works?
A: If you are a programmer, then no. You could have no impetus for writing a finished work, but you could become a good programmer being a member of a crew. If you are an artist, musician or 3D modeler, then presence of completed works is highly advisable. It's impossible to enter a crew having just potential abilities in this sphere. But one could always try...

Q: What profit will I get?
A: Friendship, contacts. Experience exchange. Stuff exchange, maybe programs, files etc. A potential possibility for working in a game-industry, 3D design studio, i. e. to be recognized.

Q: What are you talking about? I'm interested but I haven't understood nothing.
A: In order to understand the point, you should have notion of Demo and what computer games are. This is the form of the art. Demos are always free. Start from http://www.scene.org It is done by groups of talented people. The document you are reading now has its aim in creation of such a group.

Q: Who isn't needed?
A: Gamers aren't needed, who want only to shine in the rays of others' fame, odd man outs.

Contact address: flashinc@mail.ru