How to support Hugi

or: Get your stuff into the mag!

Diskmags aren't one-way communication - they're intended to be a platform for you. Publish your thoughts and ideas, dreams and art, knowledge and information in Hugi to reach the whole PC demo scene and a large part of the multimedia development community.


The Scene, demos, philosophy, technology, science, coding, art, music, politics, lifestyle & literature - these are the main areas in Hugi. Basically, any topic you think to be interesting for the Hugi community is welcome. Need some inspiration? Then check out the essays and debates in the current issue or take a look at the lists of requested articles in the areas of coding and gfx at

You preferably submit your article in a standard format such as HTML (preferred) or plain-text - HTML is slightly advantageous as you can thus show us how you would like your article to be formatted. By the way, the internal text-format of Hugi is close to HTML, so submitting your article as a HTML document speeds up the formatting process. Of course you can also include illustrations for the article, as JPG files. Photos, screenshots or artistic images - you decide what fits your article best.

Some detail information about the types of articles suiting the individual sections:

Demoscene News & Rants
Reports about groups, reviews of cool productions (demos, intros, mags and whatever you find interesting), making-ofs, interviews with sceners who have something interesting to say, your opinion on various aspects of the scene, party reports, all kinds of philosophical essays about the Scene...

Coding Corner
Tutorials about graphics programming, sound programming, Internet development, modern or exotic languages, size & speed optimizing, hints, mathematics, various algorithms... - from beginner to academic level.

GFX & Music
Graphics/music engineering tutorials (Photoshop, 3DS, Lightwave, Impulse Tracker, Buzz, etc.), reviews of new artwork, musicdisks and packs, art philosophy...

The Real World
Science, literature, book-reviews, technology, politics, philosophy, lifestyle... - Anything goes!


Hugi is also a platform where you can show off your graphic skills. Two categories are waiting for you:

Opening Pictures
Displayed when Hugi is started. You can design them absolutely freely, just keep in mind that the resolution used in Hugi is 640x480.

Background Pictures
These images must also have a resolution of 640x480 pixels. Note that the text area in which the articles will be displayed must be at least 620x375 pixels. You also have to include some kind of frame for the progress bar - you know, the bar that displays the current position in the article. There are yet more possibilities, for example you can include animated buttons in your picture. This is a feature of the Hugi engine which has not been used yet. If you're interested in being a pioneer, talk to Adok or Chris about the technical details.


New music is always welcome as well. We can use tunes in .xm, .it, .s3m, .mod, .mp3 and .mo3 formats. Please try not to exceed 600 kbytes as we want to keep the download-time as small as possible, and if possible, try to use less than 20 channels so that Hugi will also run with enabled music playback on slower PCs at a decent speed.


We're also interested in publishing commented source codes of smaller productions, like 4k or 64k intros, in Hugi's bonus pack so that new coders can learn tricks from them.

Please send your contribs to:

Claus-Dieter Volko
Hungereckstr. 60/2
A-1230 Wien
ICQ: 77076041