Hiya and welcome all!!

Ah, the warm and bright time of the year is returning. Feels good. Sunshine is really motivating.

And Hugi is back with a new style: Let brightness be our guidance! Let the power of light inspire our creative minds! (Gee, I'm starting to sound like a preacher even in written texts! ;)) This issue offers big graphics & coding corners with tutorials for beginners and professionals as well as a special section on the Art of Writing and a corner inside the scene section that deals with the Future of Demos as an Artform. As you will see, there are some detail changes in the layout and the structure of the news corner - meant to increase your reading pleasure and to stimulate the flow of ideas in your brain!

I'd also like to turn your attention on the sourcecode of Nextempire's 64k intro "shaven raven", released at Paradox 2001, that is included in the bonus pack. As well, you may be interested in checking out the online edition of Hugi 22 at CFXweb, where you can append your own comments & ideas to any article. Besides, this issue has been translated to Russian thanks to the effort of Aquila, iliks and Virtual - so if you understand Russian better than English, get the Russian edition from www.hugi.de!

No longer a prophet

As you'll see, I no longer sign my articles with "prophet". Apparently it was not clear for everybody that this was a self-ironical joke, so I thought: let's better stop this. Just in case there are still some misunderstandings: We in the Hugi staff are friendly, egalitarian and enthusiastic people full of humour and self-irony - if we're calling ourselves a "Royal Family", this is just because we're making fun of the Royal Family of the UK and not because we'd really be that haughty!

Hidden Part

This issue also contains a hidden part - a bit easier to find than the one in the previous edition, which was only found by five people. Congrats to anatol, mad/os, The Update, Loukas, and Gargaj! Now that the race is over, here's the way where to get to the hidden tune in Hugi 21: Press F7, enter milkyway, and select the article. The "password" milkyway was itself hidden at two places - one of them was the index of the misc corner: click the goblin, save the article (F2) and open it in a text editor to find it at the bottom. I admit that this was very hard, but after the lot that found the secret in Hugi 20 I was keen on testing how far I could go. ;) Sorry guys, now it's easier again!

Time to bake a cake!

On May 25th, 2001, Hugi will become 5 years old - a great age for a diskmag. This needs to be celebrated! One of my plans is to create a special issue: Best of Hugi 1-20 - featuring a collection of some of the most memorable and valuable essays, reports, and tutorials of the first 5 years of Hugi. This will also include texts that were previously only published in German language and will be translated to English for the first time. We're looking for especially good graphics and music for this anniversary issue. Also, if you have any wishes concerning particular articles and pictures/tunes that in your opinion should re-appear in this issue - tell me, via a casual mail or the voting form (included as vote.txt), as you prefer.

Some basic facts: The first 20 issues of Hugi contain a total amount of more than 1800 articles or well over 20 mbytes of pure text, written by several 100 authors. This alone shows how good it would be to have one issue that combines the most essential contents of five years, embedded in a modern engine that works perfectly under the OSes of today and offers comfortable features such as searching.

Acknowledgments & Thanks

My sincere thank goes to all the people involved in the making of this Hugi issue - especially Chris whose engine is still rocking, iliks for cool sound & texts, Tomcat for two very good real-life articles (need a girlfriend? Tomcat will teach you how to get one!), Chaos for his immediate agreement to do the interview, the graphicians - Kthulu, nldsr, Mali and TAD - for their work which has such a big influence on the reading atmosphere, chavez whose chiptunes have actually inspired me to make a mostly chip-based issue (already noticed it? ;)), of course Ciccilleju!, JKL, rieha and smirk who also contributed some chippy melodies, the Amiga scene writers Magic and Wade who regard it just as natural that their works are also published in a PC diskmag, and basically everyone listed in the Credits! I also want to thank Flood for his fine flashtro for www.hugi.de and his pictures which I originally planned to use in this issue - they're waiting in the pool for use in one of the next Hugis.

Enjoy reading & send me your feedback!

Adok/Hugi - 10 Apr 2001