Music and its spirit...


I recently thought about what we are dealing with over here. We are a free music spreader on the Internet.. you don't have to do anything to get our music, you don't have to pay, you don't have to give us stuff in reward, you don't have to show your ass just to download our music. You just have to show your browser the way to our Internet site. Why do people abuse this pretty nice thing..

It was just recently that we talked about making songs for the commercial market when this thing showed up:

Our nice musician called Neophite (Mister M. Jacobs) had made a song a few years ago, I thought it was 1998 or something, called 'Some Other World'. 'DAMN', I thought, 'what a damn good musician!'. I think everybody can say I am true at that point.

Back a few days ago, we made a very nice discovery. Somewhere in Holland, there's a nice little lady who calles herself Dj Isabelle. She is 21 years old, so i thought, DAMN! This nice little lady has done some bad things though. Our good and respected friend Mindblizzard (Mister T. Brandwijk) has sent me a nice little e-mail that says: 'Go to this bitch's website.' So did I...

'Some other world' had been copied by her and she had put a nice MP3 of it on her homepage. 'No problem', you would think.. but it's a version with HER name on it, and 'her' version was called 'Eternal Flame'.

Hmmm.. Something made me very annoyed.. So... we saw her hitcounter on her site, and we were shocked.. she had around 600 to 1500 visitors a day AVERAGE! Damn.. So.. we mailed her with the very nice question to give us an explanation why she was doing this. We also gave her a hint that this was copyrighted material, so we could really sue her.. and after that, screw her..

Well.. we received a load of mails from her that she was sorry about that, and that she would place a 'sorry' tag on the site. Well.. we haven't seen one as for today..

I HAVE heard her on the radio (Radio3FM) though!!!

She deleted the song from her site, and later on she was a guest in the afternoon program on Radio3FM (one of the most popular radio stations in The Netherlands). NOT with 'Eternal Flame' of course, but with some other crap I could hardly listen to.

Look at this quote: 'I make my music with the best and most popular program ACID' (DUHHHHHHH!)... 'I also make my own samples with a sample editor called Cool Edit 2000.. I Release my music on the internet'

I started calling to the radio (0800-1336) but I couldn't get through, unfortunately. I was ready to say she gets her music from our copyrighted material..

Blergh... I hate people like this..

Why are we a free music group nowadays. Is the 'scene' totally based on money today? Isn't it possible anymore to spread your music all over the world without people having to pay for it?

How Lame! (Damn, I have not used this word for ages. ;-))

So.. if you ever find some music on your harddisk from 'Miss' Dj Isabelle, or on cd.. PLEASE! Mail us that you have found some. I would really like to start a search for illegal copied music.

By the way: if you have a copy of 'Eternal Flame' mail us immediately!

By the way 2: Get REAL 'NO COPY' music from! Thanks!


yours truly

R. Bressers (Morphine)

Ed.: This open letter was sent to various scene media, including online news sites, where it naturally appeared before this Hugi issue was released. DJ Isabelle reacted with an open letter herself, which she published at no-error. Herein she states that she received this tune by someone else via email in Fasttracker format with the plea to "finish" it. She thought that the track was already "more than finished", so she only made some "personal changes" to it and then uploaded it to her website. After she had got mail from rbi music, she removed it immediately.

Morphine thereupon told Jeroen of that the track was not in XM (Fasttracker) format and that there had not been a single change to the song in the version DJ Isabelle offered on her website compared to Neophite's original.

The latest state of affairs, according to what Morphine told me, is that rbi want DJ Isabelle to pay a fine, but she does not respond to their emails. They, however, have got a phone number, by which they might be able to track her down.

What makes this rip-affair stand out from others is that, according to both DJ Isabelle's homepage and Morphine's open letter, DJ Isabelle was already featured on a Dutch radio programme. The song of which rbi music says that it's ripped was not played. But DJ Isabelle's way of acting is still questionable for someone with a semi-professional music career (no matter whether Morphine's or her own version of the story is true). (Adok)