The Present of the Scene

Keskitalo / tempo.pkbrp

We're all in the Internet now.

We live with our (mostly) right hand pleasantly resting over our mouse, which we delicately move around inside a little range and cheerfully click a button every now and then.

Even sometimes, we might (reluctantly) resort to our nearly forgotten keyboard (hey you can write with it? I thought it was a game controller!), perhaps typing in some configuration or something equally boring and troublesome.. or we might curse as we want to check out a site which we've forgotten to add on our hotlists or to which we can find no link from anywhere thinkable.

We log on our favourite portal and the flow of information fills our heads. And we wave our mice.

If someone asked (well (s)he doesn't) why Adok's editorials in Huginews issues #24, #25 and #26 don't yield any public concern or feedback, I certainly wouldn't have a straight answer. I, for a chance, stumbled across an open issue of Hugi #11, where Adok discussed the same topics as in these Huginews editorials: sense of making demos or having demoscenes, and the point of producing writings to a well-receiving but non-responding audience.

For the latter, I only have some thoughts which I'm in trouble trying to find words for. It might be, that a regular newsletter, for instance, is not personal enough to motivate into responding (although even a little respond is good. This mail, by the way, started as such little response but seems I've got carried far away), although diskmags spreading through mailswapping is a completely different matter.. I haven't been there swapping, I couldn't really know so I'm just making a guess. Also, the Internet gives as a near real-time scene, which in its easiness might result in something like described in the first lines of this mail. Newsletters and diskmags are mostly a product to their consumers, and this is the attitude of the consumers, it seems..

The other topic. I understand what Adok is talking about and I find it interesting, that someone not into scene has been working so hard to produce something for it to consume. Fascination towards e-mags I too share, and since there are strong traditions in demoscene for them it fits to cover it's issues since of all its potential. Anyway, what I'm interested in, is what subjects would Adok like to cover in Hugi, whether Hugi would have a new demoscene/Huginews main editor and these sort of things. Something completely new coming up in horizon?

Well, live long and prosper.

Keskitalo / tempo.pkbrp

(Read Looking back on the PC Diskmags Scene as a kind of answer to the last paragraph.)