Remedy 2000 party report
deffy / confine

This is a remedy2000 party report by deffy/confine.

I will start out by telling you that I made the trip together with my closest friends in confine: mejt, beak, smex, erxer and hux. (Not dzy because he just moved to Spain.) We left our homes on thursday the 29th at 06.07 for the long train trip to Stockholm where Remedy was going to be held. The trip was pretty nice but very long because of a 2-hour delay. The reason was an electric station that had been put on fire. Well.. the rest of the trip went okay except for the hard work finding a cab to drive us to the partyplace in Solna.

When we arrived at Remedy around 14.00 there were no more than about 20 people so finding a good spot near the bigscreen was no problem. The bigscreen itself didn't look that good. I first thought that it wasn't the real bigscreen but I soon realized the truth. The first hours we didn't do that much except talking to our tablefriends (Flow, Rieha and wmike).

We hadn't eaten for many hours so we went to Max (a hamburger restaurant). The way they gave the change is really stupid but the hamburgers were really nice, ask wmike. :)

When we got back, some new dudes were there. Unfortunately gamers.

The party went on without any events and at 21.00 it started getting really boring so I decided to sleep. I hadn't been sleeping for 35 hours, hux and smex did the same. Well we woke up around 07.00 (friday) and checked if anything had happened, but no.. we hadn't missed anything. Now there were about 300 people in the partyhall. Gamers playing games and gamers playing hardcore music. :(

But also sceners making music or programming. :)

I started working on Cnf-Style which we were going to compete with in the Accel Demo Compo. I did that for about 1 hour. Then Hux, wmike, Smex and I went to some gallery close to the partyhall to buy sleeping mattresses. (The floor was not nice to sleep on.)

We went around and looked at stuff for about 3 hours.

And then we went to Mc Donald's to buy Chicken Mc Nuggets for breakfast. :)

We came back to the partyhall, and mejt and beak had woken up. I continued on the demo and smex on the intro. And a bit later we all went out playing football. (That was probably the most fun thing we did during the party.)

The party went on, we met the guys in TMD and borrowed their fridge to store our Jolt Cola in. (Thanx guys.)

We went to Max another time and then we also bought tapes for the videocamera.

Later on friday, now over 600 people in the partyhall, there were those silly suprise compos. One was you had to pick the laser pickup out of a cdrom device. Another was eating a Mars as fast as you could. The prize was a Mars. :) It was the same stupid guys that were competing in all of the suprise compos.

We all went sleeping at 02.00 except for smex, who had to finish the 64kb intro. He sat the whole night coding and when we woke up around 08.00 he was almost finished. He worked like a whore until 20 minutes before the deadline (12.00) when he handed in a CD. After that smex died on the floor.. and slept for many hours.

At 01.00 the first compos was to start. Some music compo. I don't remember which of them. But then came this enormous delay. 11 hours or more. So the compos started early on Sunday morning around 00.00.

The 64k compo was not that good except for voidspace and our intro (Blurred Dreams). And the demo compo was pretty good.. some pretty nice demos with oldskool effects like plasma but also really good demos like Automatic Mind Control by AMC.

The Wild compo had a really funny and good contribution, "Industriljus and Magi". Featuring nice snowboarding and funny clips..

Then came the accel compo.

First shown was datademo by plastic, which had a very original and nice style. Then our demo Cnf-Style, which I think was pretty nice. :) They used Soundblaster Live so the music was pretty messed up.

Fairlight released a demo called absolut vodka, which they had made during one hour. It had a very nice and fast 3d engine. Not that fun to watch though but it was definitely a good quality demo..

All the compos were over and I went to sleep. When I woke up smex, hux and erxer were leaving because they had to take a train earlier so they missed the price cermony.

Around 11.00 the price cermony was held and it was very successful for us. We came second both in the 64k intro competion and in the Accel PC-demo competition.

Then we packed our stuff and left for the long trip home.

It may not have sounded like it but Remedy2000 was actually the lamest party I've been to. 11 hours of delay and they gave us no information during those hours. When we were filming the organisers playing Quake instead of investing all their time in the problem, Snuski's little brother told us to stick a Mars in the butthole. :P Hahahaha...

Well that was all.. I wrote this 3 weeks after remedy so it may not be that well written. So I'm sorry if you don't understand anything of this crap.

deffy/confine (Monday 24/7 2000)