Plutonium 2000 report

Leopold / Unik

The demoparty Plutonium 2000 was held in Finland from June 16th to June 18th, 2000. Results and releases are available at

Friday the 16th, 19:04 - Setting things up

Yes! Finally here at the party place. It took me altogether around 3 hours to get here and to set things up. The party hall itself isn't too big, and there's plenty of room left. I'd say at the moment here's about three dozen people. The Organizers are running soundchecks on their equipment and trying to put the LAN together, which apparently don't work - guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens..

Friday the 16th, 22:27 - Hanging around

Well, seems like the LAN doesn't work quite yet.. But so what. Now the hall is almost full of sceners. The Organizers were kind enough to run amiga demos on the screen earlier for an hour or so. That was neat. But now I think it's time to check out the rave tent, and to booze a bit :p. Since it's Friday night and all...

... wow, the time is 23:47 and the network just began to work. This is sweet. Now I can finally materialize my dream --> streaming Nectarine loud and clear to my speakers at a party. :)

Saturday the 17th, 02:50 - It's 2 am, the fear is gone

Well well well, a quick tour around the hall showed that still a few people are finishing their productions.. like me, I just finished my song. Now it's thumbs up and getting some sleep before the compos.

Saturday the 17th, 11:39 - Deadlines approaching.. or are they?

Yes indeed the compo deadlines were supposed to be at 12:00 today, but the Organizers announced there's something wrong with the intranet and uploading the entries doesn't work, and the deadlines are moved onwards of course until the net is fixed.. oh well. :) The partyhall seems to have some action again after a couple of hours of silence, guess everyone just woke up?

Saturday the 17th, 18:26 - The Compos are about to begin

After trying so very hard (one could assume) the Organizers could not get the entry upload script to work.. but luckily PCs still got the 3,5" disks :), and the day was saved, as the entries had to be taken by disks (or cds) to the Organizers. How oldskool eh? But anyway, the entries got submitted and everyone is happy. Now the graphics compo should start in a few mins (which was delayed by 30mins already), then followed by raytracing, music etc etc, and the last compo, the demo compo, will start at midnight.

Sunday the 18th, 01:41 - Quick word on compos

Yes, the compos are now over. I'll quickly just analyze them here. :) The combined gfx/raytrace compo wasn't very popular, only 5 entries.. nothing really special there. Both tracked music and mp3 music compos had I think 14 entries each, mostly the usual drum'n'bass, but also a few positive exceptions emerged from the melee, which I reckon are going to collect the top prizes. Now the intro compo was interesting, with only 4 entries (3 pc and 1 c64). Dekadence introduced raytracing with c64 and it earned all the 3 photographs that were taken during the compo. :) The democompo (unlike the intro one earlier) ran smoothly without any technical problems, and the demos were, if not jawdroppers, at least productions well put together (pretty neutral comment eh?-)).


Leopold / Unik