What You Will Probably Hear This Summer


It's that time again... the time where we find out how good a psychic I am. These are 10 tunes I predict you will probably hear and stick in your mind over the next few months.

01. DJ Tibby - Eternity [Fog Area]
Something special here, another 'Moon Trance' tune. One you can play at 5 am in the morning and it'd still make you get up and dance. Definitely sounds like something released by Bonzai! Not sure who DJ Tibby is but definitely one to watch. Absolute Killer.

02. Blank And Jones - The Nightfly [Nebula]
Piet Blank + Jaspa Jones Produced Trance tune, which has such a strong lead and 303 it will knock you senseless within a close range. Remixes from Transa and other artists add emphasis to the killer original.

03. CPU - Full Moon [White Label]
This timeless piece of 'Moon Trance' has a simple yet pounding German feel to it. Done by two 14-year-olds from the UK this tune has all the markings of a smash. Definitely one to look out for. Did I mention Me and Rich Helstrip Produced it?

04. Taiko - Die Blektrommel [Good:As]
After the release of the excellent Echo Drop, this German pounder with the same vocal samples off one of Keith 303's mods is sure to destroy any dancefloor. Very weird sounding trance but very nice all the same.

05. Marco V and Benjamin - Threshold (Freejack's Energy Mix) [Steady Beat]
After being sent this from Jack Molenschot, I can safely say this is absolutely brilliant and when it comes out I urge you to buy it immediately.

06. Ron Hagen + Pascal Minniard - Take You There [Jinx]
I know this tune is old but it's apparently being released commercially on a major label. Ron + Pascal (Aka Signum) produce a tune not unlike their more famous remixes and releases. Still it's a prime example of something simple can go a long long way.

07. Moogwai - Viola [Platipus]
Paul Oakenfold style trance tune here, I think the distorted sine wave melody carries the track and the weird chords complement it even more, apart from it being a bit slow it's an absolutely floor damaging track played by everyone from PF Project to Ferry Corsten to Sasha. And bear in mind that's a wide range of DJs.

08. Marc Et Claude - I Need Your Loving (Moonman's Flashback Mix) [Positiva]
Ferry Corsten does another remix of Marc and Claude, which has a very nice and weird snare roll and the riff sounds like something his old Gabber releases would be like. Very Very Good.

09. JM - S'envoler [Impetuous]
Freejack does it again with this tribal trance tune. Very different to his usual style of releases this tune has a very distinctive and different bassline. 9 minutes of progressive tech-trance music with the added Dutch feel that this guy usually adds. I could swear I've heard that underlay before though. Brilliant.

10. Orson W - The Love I Lost [Rewind]
Orson W, the ace producer from Holland comes up on top with this nice breezy Dutch track. Very relaxing and happy. Definitely one for Ibiza that is. Hmm, well, it's one for everywhere really. Ignore at your own risk.

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