Muffler CD: Out Of The Shadow

Written by Magic of Nah-kolor


It was January 1996 when I got a short letter from Finland. A young boy nicknamed Muffler had written me to ask if he could join Nah-kolor. He had got my adress from Norby of Nah-kolor. It was no problem for me; his brother (ex-scener Heatbeat) maybe got my curiousity as well. :) All the rest is 100% history: Muffler's first mods in the packmag Speed, my article 'In The Shadow Of Heatbeat' and Muffler's module in ROM issue 6, Nah's musicdisk mOments which I organized, Muffler's module in Showtime issue 4 which I was Main-ed of. 1996 was Muffler's breaktrough year in the Amiga Scene. It was an honour to witness the rise of the new superstar. Remember the 2-packages-a-week swapping period, my sweet muffy duffy? :))))

Muffler Compact Disk Released..

Not so long ago after some delay (isn't there always some kind of delay?) Muffler's first CD got released! "My cd project started in early 98 or something. The idea behind the project was to make a cd album with original sounding drum&bass tracks. There's everything from dark and aggressive to some more chilling jazzy and ambient style flavours. And just to mention, it's NOT tracker stuff ;)", Muffler comments and continues: "When most of the tracks were already finished, my brother (Aleksi Eeben aka Heatbeat) came up with the idea he would play some bass solos to some tracks. And we went to the studio (Rowboat -Magic) and tried it out, and I liked it, so we recorded bass solos for two tracks on the album: Jolla and Float."

Magic: "When was the CD actually finished and how did it get delayed?"

Muffler: "The whole cd was actually ready in the end of 1998, and I sent it to TRSI & FLT Recordz in early 1999.. It was first scheduled to be released around April 1999, but there were a lot of changes going on in TRSI & FLT Recordz, and so the release got delayed. During the spring of 1999 I got to know DJ Liquid from Journees Music (USA), who is also a partner of TRSI & FLT Recordz, and he asked if I could do him a drum&bass remix of one of his tracks, and I did. Then somebody (don't remember who ;)) came up with the idea that it would be good idea to include that remix as bonus track to my album, and so we did. Now it was June 1999 and the master cd (including the bonus track) was ready, and I sent it to TRSI & FLT Recordz. There were still some difficulties with setting the release date for the cd. Pre-order became available in the beginning of November from TRSI & FLT Recordz web page and it was now scheduled to be released end of November/December. But it got delayed again, but now finally it came out in January 2000."

Magic: "What are your thoughts now that your CD finally got released?"

Muffler: "Even though it took some time for TRSI & FLT Recordz to get it released, I feel like it's great to have labels like this here. No one from TRSI & FLT Recordz ever came to tell me what the album should sound. Maximum respect to the guys running this label: Lars Overberg (Warhead) and Alex Brunner (Uyanik)."


If you want to order Muffler's Compact disk you can order it at the internet adresses beneath. Muffler's CD was made in CNCD's infamous Rowboat Studios. Muffler's CD is even available from Dr. Awesome's webpage. Muffler: "I think guys behind TRSI Recordz just know Bjorn Lynne very well. Actually I didn't know anything that my cd could be ordered from Lynne's web pages, until I got a newsletter from Lynne. :) But it's only good, because there are lot of people visiting those web pages." So get 'Muffler' the cd one way or the other please.. Get it before it gets to you!

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