Muffler CD - Review

Done by Magic of Nah-kolor


As the non-talented musician I am I wondered if I was qualified enough to challenge the first Audio CD by Muffler for a review. As I'm an experienced scener, this review is written from a scener's rather than from a musician's point of view. Of course obliged by the non-profit CD providing Trsi & Flt Recordz organisation (read: Warhead). I send my warm gratitude towards this individual..

Music In The Heart..

The CD consists of 12 songs where I will review some of the best tracks from.. Looking at the CD as a whole it's a nice try to bring out a Audio CD with Goa/Trance/Breakbeat all done by Muffler with some help on two tracks by Heatbeat.. The CD lasts 66:46 minutes in total. The tracks on the CD (in order of appearence) are called:

Step to dark (part 1), Contrafunk, Twinkle, Found and Lost, Jolla, Step To dark (part 2), Notank, One, Ignition, Float and Wollop da trollop.

All titles are written by Muffler, except the bonus track "Wollup da Trollop" written by Eric "dj liquid" Lee and remixed by Muffler, and the bass in the tracks "Jolla" & "Float" played by Aleksi Eeben (aka Heatbeat). Recorded @ Rowboat studios by CNCD.

The Best Tunes are..

Step to dark (part 1): Starts off atmospheric with a sudden nice breakbeat taking control with still the atmospheric pattern repeating itself in the background.. The breakbeat goes faster as time flies by. A very nice tune to start the cd with.

Contrafunk: Some nice drums start this tune.. Drums are going faster with some nice 'spiral' going through the tune.. Drums go faster almost like breakbeat but they're too slow for that.. (Maybe that's why it's called Contrafunk? :)) Repeating patterns.. Some small voice saying "yeayy" at a high time in the background.. Nice tune, it's good but not the quality of the first song on the cd.

Twinkle: A nice atmospheric beginning with some drums (breakbeats?) coming on really fast.. A song with potential. A nice rhythm which goes on and on. Nice track, not the best of the cd but among the best though..

No tank: This song is really interesting. It starts off with speech from some commando unit about a tank. Then a 'screaming' sound appears like from a movie when the Break Beats interfer on the speakers.. Some Alarm goes trough the air while the breakbeat continues.. A nice song indeed..

Float: This tune starts slowly, almost a bit trance-like. Slow guitar vibes surround your ears. Heatbeat adds his personal touch to this track. The track keeps on a slow move. Very relaxed. Not like the other tracks on the CD.. Maybe they can play this in a chill out room at some party? :) My favourite track of the album. It slowly gets louder and faster but not too fast. Sweeping up the atmosphere. My head is floating I presume.. Nice work!


Well, Sceners out there. This Album is rated as a good purchase in my opinion. If you like Muffler's Protracker music or not. This is the real thing! You have to buy it to listen to all the tracks and enjoy the Album which would not have existed if there were no Amiga Scene.. Only Amiga made this Album possible! :) A small notice can also go to the booklet surrounding the cd. Nice artwork. You can also see this at Muffler's homepage.

Magic of Nah-kolor