How you can support Hugi

As a free, non-profit magazine we need support from our readers in order to continue releasing issues of a high quality. This is how you can help us:


Articles are, of course, the most important component of every diskmag. As you can see from the contents of this issue, the articles in Hugi mainly focuses on the demoscene: reports about groups, making-ofs, interviews, opinions on various aspects of the scene, partyreports, reviews are examples of what would fit in our Scene corner. Closely related to these topics is also digital lifestyle. This comprises not only the scene, but all other aspects of computers and the Internet - how technology influences your life, what you think about censorship on the Net etc. Very important are also the more technological or creative subjects: coding/programming, creation of graphics and music, and Scene/Net journalism, to name a few. Tutorials are of great importance to help new or intermediate people to become experts, and to spread useful hints for experienced people as well. Moreover, we are interested in articles about science, politics, and literature (shortstories, poems, book write-ups). If there is any other subject you have vast knowledge of, also feel free to write an article about it if you think it could be interesting for our readers.

We find articles from our readers and guest writers very important because they enrich Hugi with new writing styles and points of view. If you are not very experienced at writing, don't worry - if you want, we will help you write your first articles. Spelling errors are also fixed by our editors and proofreaders so you don't have to worry about them. All that matters is that your article is original and informative or entertaining.

We accept articles in plain text, Winword .doc and html formats. You can also include illustrations in your article, such as photos, screenshots or drawings, in .jpg or any other standard graphics format.


Have you released a demo, diskmag, tool or any other thing you think to be of interest for our readers? Are you organizing a party and want to spread the word? Are you looking for new members for your group, or perhaps a new group for you to join? Have you heard something really interesting you want to tell the world? Then it will probably be suitable for Hugi's Demoscene News corner. Inform us!


We're always looking for new title and background pictures. They must have the resolution 640x480 and max. 16.7 million colours (which will probably be enough for everyone, eh? :)).

About background pictures: The text area where articles will be displayed must be at least 620x351 pixels. Note, this doesn't include the article title/author line and the message line, so also reserve for them stripes of a height of at least 12 pixels. Also included must be a progress bar which will display the current position in the article. It can be horizontal or vertical.

As there are still several pictures in stock (but especially the backgrounds are running out fast!), we unfortunately cannot promise that your work will be used in the next issue. For this reason please don't write an issue number in your pics.

The graphics will be internally stored in .jpg format, but you can submit them also in other formats such as .pcx, .png or .bmp.


New music is always welcome as well. We can use tunes in .xm, .it, .s3m, .mod and .mp3 formats.

Please keep in mind that the Hugi archive should be kept small enough so that people with average modems won't have to sit hours in order to download the mag. We therefore recommend to keep the size of your tune below 600 kbytes. However, if it's a really good tune, it's okay if it's a bit larger, too.

If you want to take care of people using slower Pentium PCs, try to keep the number of active channels below 20.

Source codes

We're also interested in publishing commented source codes of smaller productions, like 4k or 64k intros, in Hugi's bonus pack so that new coders can learn tricks from them.

Send your contribs to:

Claus-Dieter Volko
Hungereckstr. 60/2
A-1230 Wien
ICQ: 77076041