Four years of Hugi - twenty issues of Hugi - yeeha! And it's alive & kicking like on the first day. To my knowledge Hugi currently is at place two among PC diskmags (not newsletters) regarding the number of released issues. Only Pain has brought out more issues.

For most of you the first two years of Hugi's existance, in which the first ten issues were released, are a dark era of history. The diskmag radically took on its current forms with the release of the 11th issue. An average local German-language mag about god and the world became an internationally respected scenezine over night. The same period of time has since passed; will Hugi 21 be the result of another unexpected revolution? Or will the current style be kept and perfectionized?

I personally have noticed that I employed two radically different writing styles in the two periods of Hugi: in the beginning one some readers found too childish, then a very serious one some readers found too formal. Now I'm starting to get balanced, to use elements of humour in serious articles. A sign of maturity?

Still nothing is more difficult than writing an editorial. Hehe. What would I have written here if there hadn't been this special occasion, our great anniversary?

Perhaps I'd have included a big "advertisement" about a new lovestory, as its author wanted me to. The author, by the way, is called Morph, and the story is called Poetry by eyes of repulsion. Read its first part in this Hugi issue.

Perhaps I'd have mentioned that hyperactive and tough Chris once again has enhanced the Hugi engine with several useful features. Ports to BeOS and Linux are also under way.

Perhaps I'd have thanked again the people who made the gfx, music and articles, although I did so in the Credits, too.

About myself, in September I'll start my last year at Gymnasium (highschool). My final exams will be in June 2001, then the military or civil service is in order. I've lately been thinking hard about what to study afterwards. What I'd be interested in is a combination of genetics, computer science and chemistry - in other words, there are many options for me, like medicine, molecular biology and bioinformatics. But no matter what I'll study, Hugi will continue its life, because - Hugi is life.

Adok/Hugi - 09 Aug 2000

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