Compression Editorial

Dario Phong/Hugi

School has started again. Nevertheless you still want to learn about compression and wonder where else apart from this section you can find information.

First you should know that it is rather difficult to find what you are looking for, but I suppose that you already know that, so I'll give you some links. In case that you can't find what you are after, feel free to ask me, as probably I've already tried to find it.

I tried to make my home page a place for compression stuff. Fortunately some persons have already reported me "I was looking for a good compression site and finally I found yours" so probably the first place to start is my home page. There I also keep a list of links, including links to pages with further links.

Anyway I'll tell you a few ones which I feel are worth a visit. For getting an overview and answers to a few questions, read the comp.compression FAQ. For practical issues, Mark Nelson. For some theory and state-of-art stuff, Charles Bloom. If you want some advanced stuff, Peter Fenwick.

If you want to know the state-of-art and standards, look at the Archive Comparison Test. For reading most of the papers, you'll need a PostScript viewer. And for posting and reading, there are two forums, comp.compression and comp.compression.research; from time to time I post to the first.

Now enjoy the links and the articles in this new Hugi issue, and I'll see you in the next one.

Dario Phong/Hugi