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Hugi Ascii Art Competition Invitation

Credits for this issue

Legal Stuff



The Making of "discloned". Hellfire speaks out

Twilight and the Takeover '99 Disaster

Scene Renaissance

Blasphemy Demography

Reaction: "Scene Standards" by Paranoid

Online Demo Party?

Demoscene RPG Manual

The Real sOS Crew

SOS - The Real Crew?!

Inspiration, Motivation and Frustration

My Demoscene Career

Why is the C64 so hyped?

Interview with 720 and Bluecow

Interview with Pot-Noodle of Anthrox

Interview with Sc0rp1o of x-pression

Innovations from out of the demoscene

Quotes, Quarrels and Quips

Assembly '99 Party Report

An Insight in the Happenings at Assembly '99

General Comments on Assembly '99

Asm'99 Music-Compo. Some Quality Comments

Asm'99 Accelerated Demo Compo Review

Asm'99 Raytraced Graphics Compo Review

Asm'99 Multichannel Compo Review

Asm'99 Multichannel, Tiny Music, and MP3 Compo Review

Asm'99 Animation Compo Review

Scenial - The Advocate of the Imphobia Phobia

Dumbass or All-Round Education?

Russian Mags and World Domination

How To Write A Party Report

AntIQ '99: Report

Evoke '99: Report I

Evoke '99: Report II

Fiasko '99: Report

Inscene '99: Report

The Great Giana Worlds Version 0.7 beta

Pocket Raider 4 - The Money Machine


Music Editorial

The Music Scene of Today

The C64-Remixing Scene

Guitar for Beginners

Stereo Sound-Images

How to cast Makke's theory on tracking practise

Interview with melcom

Interview with Tangerine of T-Rex

Music Disc Interfaces - Some Thoughts


Introduction to the Graphics Corner

Art in the Scene

Are Slideshows definitely dead?


OpenGL in Demos

An Introduction to CD Error Correction

Polygonizing of Implicit Surfaces

Drawing Triangles. Rasterization Tutorial

Setting VESA Video Modes

Adding 16bpp Pixels

3d Clipping Addendum

A Simple, Flexible File Format Method

The Hidden Power of BCD Instructions

Using Overlapping in Inner Loops

The Final Curtain

Compression Coding Editorial

Basic Audio Compression

When Fibonacci and Huffman met

Canonical Huffman

Moving To Windows Part 0

Moving To Windows Part 1

Moving To Windows Part 2

Moving To Windows Part 3

Moving To Windows Part 4

Moving To Windows Part 5

Win32 Assembler Tutorial Chapter 0.5

Counterstatement: "MP3 - An Unwanted Intruder?"

Why you should not use MP3s in your demos

My Two Cents on "OS Wars"

Religion of the Computer Age

Linux Is Not That Bad

Trendsport Pascal-Bashing

Misc Stuff

The Wake Up Call. Parts 1.03 and 1.04

The Comedown (Escapism Part II)

Will our minds soon mix up Fiction and Reality?

We All Are Part Of The Real World

The Youth Are Lucky

The world is logical

We don't care