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Replay - The Most Active Group Around?

Trauma Status Report

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Trouble with Trebel

AntiScene Superstar

Shit happens. A Story about Avalon Design

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Scening Today and In The Past

An Audience with KB

Good Night, Scene

Ways to defeat the Voting Phobia

A Tale of Two Scenes

Who's the lamest?

The Decay of Swappers

Classic Interview with Steffo of Cryonics

Sucking New Demo Trends

The idiot-scene

The Ansi scene

Yo, ANSi world is dead! Wowo!

Somnium - An Online Text Art Gallery

Counterstatement: "Why doesn't your group release its code?"

Another Point Against Sourcecode-Releasing

Interview with Bacter of Quasars

The End of My Amiga Career

More Fun To Compute

Games and Demos

More 3d in Demos

Demoparties and Internet

Interview with a Phreaker: Digiman

Quotes, Quarrels and Quips


The King of the Scene

Review: Bytefall '99 Demos

Review: Chaos Constructions 999 Intros

Review: Remedy '99 Graphics

Review: Remedy '99 Music

Review: Takeover '99 Intros and Demos

Foreword to the Charts

Most popular PC Demos

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How to write a good article

A Dummy's Guide to Writing Articles

How To Become The Ruler Of The Scene. About Style

Diskmag Overview - The Latest Diskmags

Review: Amber #1

Review: Fleur #3

Review: Takeover '99 Booklet

Review: Totem #1 Chartsmag

Review: TUHBzine #6

Review: Undercover MagaScene #15 (Atari)


Austrian Scene Meeting 2k-1

Bytefall '99

Icing '99

Underground Conference 3d

Music Corner

Music Editorial

Selling Ripped Music to Improve Trackers' Reputation

The Russian Music Scene

The Importance of Good Drums

Drums for Beginners

Interview with jcole and ceniq of milk

Oldskool Interview with Zodiak of Cascada

Stop Releasing Solely MP3!

Are Musicdisk Interfaces Dying Out? - Alternatives

Additional Thoughts to BenJam's article

Remedy Music Reviews

Review: Aural Therapy by Less Music Productions

Review: Fart 5 by White of Farts Music

Review: Perciano by [C]lef of Pyorrhoea

Coding and Maths

Guide to Computer Math

Sine Generation Tutorial

World Class 3d Clipping

Zbuffer and other sorting topics

How to code 16 bit color graphics

The Basics of Image Filtering

How to add two 16 bit RGB565 pixels together nicely

Simple, small and lean tutorial on DirectDraw

32 bpp graphics coding

Lightwave Bones

Organica 1.0 File Format v0.8

3d Coding TAT: Preface

3d Coding TAT: Introduction/Waffle

3d Coding TAT: Patchwork Landscapes

3d Coding TAT: Non-linear (curved) Landscapes

3d Coding TAT: Voxel Landscapes

3d Coding TAT: The "Planet" Method

3d Coding TAT: Sorting Out the Performance Problem

3d Coding TAT: Render Attribute Trees (RATs)

3d Coding TAT: "NOAH" - Flood Fill Rendering

3d Coding TAT: The missing link? "INLET" Rendering

3d Coding TAT: Volume Meshes (Distorted Cube Arrays)

3d Coding TAT: S-Buffer (Span buffer techniques)

3d Coding TAT: Line clipping & Polygon edge clipping

3d Coding TAT: Polygon drawing & clipping

3d Coding TAT: Trapezoidal Decomposition

3d Coding TAT: Group Vertex clipping

3d Coding TAT: Smooth Lines & Anti-Aliasing

3d Coding TAT: Plants, Trees and Forests

3d Coding TAT: Convex Polyhedra, Planes and Surface-details

3d Coding TAT: Projections and Corrections

3d Coding TAT: Unfolding Polyhedra & Mapping Adjacent Faces

3d Coding TAT: Our 3d world is flat

3d Coding TAT: Distant Horizons

3d Coding TAT: Tips And Tricks

3d Coding TAT: Gallons Into Pint Pots

3d Coding TAT: Terminology & Incorrect Phrazes

3d Coding TAT: Final words

The CPUID Instruction

Using the Coprocessor

Advanced Topics of the FPU

Trees Tutorial

Faster Putbits

Optimizing "Putbits" Part III

Standard CRC 32

LZW Data Compression

Static Huffman

A simple (and very fast) 2-D LZP Variation

LZP-S: Yet another idea for the LZP algorithm

Tech Talk

Guidelines for Tech Talk

Counterstatement: "Scene Standards"

State Of The Art Scene

More BeOS Propaganda

Simple Keyboard Repairs

Use 3d Hardware Acceleration!

Compression: Current states of art, and future

Warning: This Penguin Has Teeth!

MP3 - An unwanted Intruder?

Countdown Game Standards

Once again, ladies and gentlemen... Windows versus DOS

Literature and Misc

Guidelines for Literature

The Wake Up Call



A Valuable Lesson

Writers' Block: What to do?

Relationships with girls vs. Coding a program

Bobby Beer Goes Walkabout

Evolution, Politicans and Answers

Thorn in the Heart


My Opinion on Politics

Violence and Pixels, A Deadly Drug?

Guidelines to the Adult Corner

Recently in Canada...

The Adventures of Hercules

Sharon's Dream - A Fantasy Story