The Huge Hugi Newscorner

Written by Adok

AARDBEI - Jonas, who already contributed to Aardbei's productions, has now officially joined the group as a graphician. []

ABNORMAL - released the "far from reality" musicdisk. Over an hour and a half of trance. [demojournal]

ADET - Polish diskmag editors, such as Dj Regal, are still planning to make an international scene mag in English language. They formed a group called ADET (Amber Diskmag Editing Team). A first official, coded announcement of the mag was released in December, including an appeal for contributions to enrich the international diskmag scene. The diskmag "Total Disaster" by Tatanka has merged with Amber. All English articles from TD will be moved there, and Amber will use TD's engine as well as GFX and music. [Misha/Tatanka/Defect/Nothing]

AION - are searching for new members, especially 2D artists and musicians. The first issue of their new Polish diskmag Crush is to be released soon. If you want to get it send an e-mail to Current memberstatus: Mati - code/music/organize, LordB - code/ascii/organize, Katchor - music, Mi$ - 2D art/ascii/paper art, Shredder - code, Literat - 3D art, ZagrzeB - 3D art. They also plan to release the 5th issue of their joke zine Prima Aprilis, including an English corner. [LordB/Aion]

ANAKATA - Jessika joined as a 2D graphician. [demojournal]

BANG! (party) - Some people are trying to organize a demo party at the US East Coast because there are not many parties in North America. It will take place in the summer of 2000 in some eastern city. The organizers are thinking of Boston or NY-City. There also might be a small pre-party in the summer of 1999 but that is very uncertain, the main thing is the party in 2000. The organizers just started with the idea of this party on the 15th of Febuary, and they can still use a lot of help from (mainly American sceners) people who can organize equipment, people who know a lot about setting up networks and things like that. Because the (main) party is in 2000 there is still a lot of time to organize things. At!/ you will find more information and you can vote for the place and date of the party. This party is just in a very beginning phase and a lot of things need to be done. [BANG! organizers]

BEEP - Their musicdisk is ready now. It has a Win95 interface and music by Carlos/Mandula, Generic/Exact and Reptile/Astroidea. You can download it from the archive or Pigforce. [demojournal]

BLACKHOLE - is a new music group doing trance, ambient, techno, and other underground styles. [the scene]

BLACK MAIDEN (Germany) - released their pre-anniversary book #19, containing ansi and vga. [poti/bm at]

BLASPHEMY - The final version of the demo kkowboy (3rd at The party 1998) is out. It will run on systems with only 32 MByte RAM now, and a Win32 executable is included.

BOMB - released a bugfix for the Windows version of their demo "State of mind" (2nd at The Party 1998).

BYTEWAY - Azure left to focus on his other group Dilemma. [demojournal]

CHRISTMAS 1998 256 BYTE DEMO COMPETITION - All entries and results are located at [bushy]

CHROME - have not released 'MOON' yet but announced a new project, an artdisk by the pixel artist and hobby-musician ENOK. [demojournal]

#CODERS - The new homepage is located at:

COLORFAST - Linqs (code) joined. The Party 8 photos by Linqs are available at They mainly show the Bavarian and Austrian sceners at TP8. [Linqs/Colorfast]

COMIC PIRATES - Makke released a Kraftwerk tribute musicpack, containing the songs "Pocket Calculator", "Trans-Europe Express", "Europe Endless", "Showroom Dummies", "Radioactive Robots" (Mix of "The Robots" and "Radioactivity") and "Computer Love". The 1.3-MB-big pack can be leeched at the following location: []

CUBIC TEAM - a joke demo about DOJ/CUBIC at TP 1998 was released under the fake-label TopCrew. Available at Open Cubic Player 2.5.1 was released on December 19th, 1998. Changes include lots of fixes and a wonderful hypertext online help. Get it at [Submissive and doj in]

CYCLA - plan to release a demo at Abduction '99. [odex/cycla]

DANCE - dancemp3 (MP3 library for DirectSound) will soon be available with its full source for your demos. [xcene/dance]

DARK EDEN - DjLarry joined as a musician and raytracer. Spoon has got a new profession (swapper) and is looking for new contacts. So does Morgul. Dark Eden's first demo has been heavily delayed, but might have been released in the meantime. The Polish diskmagazine Undertaker #0 is delayed, too. [Morgul/Dark Eden]

DDT ENTERTAINMENT - released the 9th issue of their famous Russian diskmag hacker. It is available at TEN's FTP ( [Programmer/UniVerse]

DEMOJOURNAL - has got a homepage, located at It is maintained by derPunkt's brother Receptor. [Psychic Symphony]

DIGITALIS - have just formed. All members are newbies to PC. They are currently four members (Sack, Brain, BTT, Tr8oR) and working on their first production 'Mortal'. [Sack/Digitalis]

EMISSIONS #5 (music disk) - The Emissions-series continues. This time under the leadership of Exceed, Argus and Dalezy. Feel free to send your chiptune(s) to, if you want to be part of Emissions #5. [dalezy]

EXCEED - The era of this succesful group since 1996 has ended. This crew plans a last demonstration called "Berlin". Not only exd members will work on this production, but their friends worldwide will be present and help, too. The release date is not fixed yet, but they really want to do their best. Latest bunkerravers were: baste (art), d-lee (organising), deansdale (music), imode (music), nns (code), react (code), shaman (music), ts (art), warpig (art). Some of them will leave the scene, others only the group. Maybe you will hear about them in the future again, but with a totally new image and style. [demojournal]

EXILES - RS3 left. [Makke/Comic Pirates/Hugi]

EXODUS - Fred is active again. Marylin Jason has joined l.o.2+7. Nobody knows the reason. They are thinking about some other projects, like a slideshow (Chaos) and music disks (Boro, Cro). The WWW page, done by Angelo and Chaos, should by now be ready. Located at Do not expect any new demo until Quast'99. The Exodus members are busy with their final school exams. [Jason/Exodus]

FIZZ - are going to work on a Polish/English poetry-disk in cooperation with Drain. They are looking for more people who want to contribute to it with poems or pictures. Contact Starless or Kazun (see Adverts). Members are: Bzykoo - msx/txt, Ghost - swap/ascii, Kaqer - gfx, Kazun - org/msx/txt, Starless - txt/code/poetry, Zanzi - main code. [Starless/Fizz]

FLEUR (diskmag) - started a size coding competition. For rules and current pre-results check out A funny story: Digimind bragged on the IRC about his 33-byte entry and claimed that Jace/TBL, who is known for winning loads of surprise size coding contests, would never beat him. Someone informed Jace on the Overflow webforum, and Jace, who did not know about the contest, immediately decided to enter. A few days later, Jace came in first with 32 bytes, which is still unbeaten. Coctail/NUMB joined the Fleur staff. Ezah plans to release Fleur #3 in April/May. [Sparcus/Nostalgia, Coctail/NUMB, Szum/Cryogen]

FLOW - Lukass (coder), Grifter (swapper, ascii), Baca (3D), Frey (swapper, coder), Beeper (musician), Ufo (coder), and Mr.Vain (musician) joined. [demojournal]

FOBIA DESIGN - dvb joined. [dvb/frc/fd]

FREAX (book) - is a scenebook project started by Tomcat. Check out the new website ( for FAQ. [demojournal]

GRINDERS - released a first version of the Polish diskmag Tankard #4, which has a buggy intro. [Deekay/Grinder/Alba/SC]

HEADCRASH - opened a Demoparty Link page at and are looking for graphicians from Germany to join them. [StyX/HeadCrash]

HUGI - Hugi Size Coding Competition #6 is going on till the end of March. You have to code the smallest possible interpreter for the programming language "Brainfuck". Check for the rules and current standings. An HTML issue of Hugi #13 is now available for online reading at An online version of Hugi #14 is planned, too. Daniel of Smash Designs coded a Linux reader for Hugi #12 and newer. Hugi has started a cooperation with the Amiga diskmag Jurassic Pack. Read more about the new Hugi Icon Competition in this Hugi issue. CoolPhonE has become an official Hugi mailspreader. Salami/Nothing now hosts the Hugi homepage on his server.

IMMORTALS - The leading Israeli demogroup plans to grow and is searching for new members from all over the world. Check out [Kombat/Immortals]

KOTHOGA - It is rumoured that Sweex/Kothoga and Time Traveller of Paranoid Productions made a bet to see who's best. Both groups will release a demo at Ambience'99 and try to outskill each other. [Sagacity/Quad]

LIME - The maintainers of started a new scene news mailinglist. To subscribe, go to and to post news, check out However, the everyone can post news there, and since nothing is filtered out, there is quite a lot of trash in the list. [k!da/Lime]

MANDULA - are looking for coders and graphicians. Mail to [demojournal]

MELCOM (musician) - His Dark Troopers page is online, hosting the first Win32 demo screenshoots. He is working on the book, the soundtrack #4 and the demo. [melcom]

MOON HUNTERS - Civax is planning to start a new site called CFXWeb. CFX is Coders F/X, his BBS in Israel and the center of the Israeli scene. Still, the site will not contain any files. It will rely on Trebel ( The site will mainly have online events, chats, msgs, maybe some multi-user games and a lot of tutorials in coding/graphics and tracking. Also, he is planning a new kind of news section - Technology news. He will rely on the Network magazine ( for regular scene news. [Civax/Moon Hunters]

MUSICOLOGY (newsletter) - A new newsletter/e-mag has been founded to deal with the music-scene. Its name is Musicology, and it will take over after NFO which is now declared dead. [Makke/Comic Pirates/Hugi]

MYTH (coder) - released a X-Mas '98 Special Edition of his Giana Sisters game, featuring new levels, new sound and new effects. [Myth/PNR]

NAH-KOLOR - released a demo at The Party 1998 and are working on a demo for Astrosyn'99. 3D GFX is needed! [Hate/Nah-kolor/Pengo/Scream!]

NOTHING - Rumours say that Cremax had a car crash and was taken to hospital. We hope that he is fine and will have a long life!

NUMB - released the final version of their demo "mirror children" (winner of Dialogos '98). [Coctail/NUMB]

OBNOXIOUS - is dead. Same goes for their German diskmag Cream. German-speaking readers can learn more details in this Hugi issue. [Coctail/NUMB]

OMNICOLOUR - Pill, also some time ago known as Visual/Floppy/Nah-kolor, has been removed from the list of Omnicolour members. Current members are Cortex - swap/net, jlt - code, spk - gfx, xhyp - music, yez - music/orga. [demojournal]

PAIN (diskmag) - Fred stopped his job as the Pain main editor due to lack of time and more serious projects with Calodox but remains co-editor. The new main editors are Cockroach and Iquito, both from Switzerland. A new Pain issue should be released soon. A Linux interface is also available now. [Fred/Calodox]

PARANOID PRODUCTIONS - See Kothoga. [Sagacity/Quad]

PENGO - is the new name of the Polish art-group Core. The demo 'People' got the 2nd place at Satellite '98. [Hate/Nah-kolor/Pengo/Scream!]

PHYMOSYS - Dave released KAME v0.5b, a with DOS, WIN95 and Win98 fully compatible GUI-oriented viewer for Pentium processors which allows you to read image formats. You can also apply special effects (mainly filters). It is available at Dario Phong is working on a doc about the FPU. He is looking for people to help him by writing and checking the doc for mistakes. Check out Aktiv started coding and making graphics for a musicdisk. [Dave/PhyMosys, Dario Phong/PhyMosys]

PULP - This group, with the members Hex, Morph, and Walker, is searching for good 3D artists. [Hex/Pulp]

PYORRHOEA - are working on a 10k intro, which will be released until the middle of this year, a play-by-mail-game, which is planned for the end of 1999, and a scene CD-ROM called "Pyorrsche CD". At the moment they have 250 MByte of scene stuff, but they want to collect at least 400 MByte. For the game project, a render man who creates 'cool' units is needed. If you are interested, mail to TheD joined as a web designer. [///oses/Pyorrhoea]

RAMJAM - Macaw joined. Surfing and Not were arrested in Munich/Germany on their way to The Party 1998 for pissing at a cathedral drunken. They were released after spending more than four hours behind iron bars. The journalist Knut Eivind Straume reported about this incident in his TP8 report in a big Norwegian newspaper. He mentioned Surfing's name and handle. The Norwegian scene was shocked, and the news quickly spread all over the world through IRC. [Surfing/RamJam/Damones/Fairlight]

RHYME - started a new intro project. Xtro, Trajic, and Gekko/cls as a guest coder are involved. [demojournal]

RIOT - franky is working on a 64k intro for Mekka & Symposium 2k-1 in April 1999. [franky/riot]

SCENE.ORG - is back online after several weeks. The newsserver works fine again, too.

SCENEST (scene directory) - Ghandy took over the Sceners e-mail database from Lord and just released the 27th issue. SCENET contains sceners' emails, group/person/party/diskmag & other useful scenish URLs, FTP servers, telnet boards with static IP addresses etc. Ghandy is looking for people to support Scenet. [Ghandy/Darkage/Faith/Gods]

SONIC DREAMS - Swap has joined as a coder. Now there are 18 fully active members in SCD. []

STORM RIDERS - are working on the 2nd issue of their Polish diskmag Miracle. Focus/CP joined as a text-writer. [demojournal]

SUSPECT DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL - The neithernor1999 party party, organized by SDI, will take place in South Germany on May 21-23, 1999. Up-to-date infos are available at The server also hosts a few other scene Internet sites and offers free web-space. If you are interested contact the webmaster. [e605/sdi]

STARBREEZE - Fast Tracker 2.09 was released. Get it at the MAZ Sound Site ( [Makke/Comic Pirates/Hugi]

SURROUND - are going to release a demo at Assembly'99 in cooperating with Quad and Superstition. Jrz rejoined the group. He will code demos and is working on a mod/mp3/vqf. VQF is a brand new audio format. Looman (from Sweden) also joined the group.

TATANKA - CoolPhonE joined as a swapper. He remains with Defect, too. [CoolPhone/Defect/Tatanka]

TEXT MODE DEMO COMPO 3 - is over. Seven demos competed. The results can be found in this Hugi issue. [Crest]

THE BLACK LOTUS - TBL's Windows demo was not shown at The Party 1998 due to mistakes by the TP organizers. Jace has put a page online in which he flames and slaughters the organizers for it. [Jace/TBL]

THE DIGITAL PHILOSOPHERS - is a new group founded by the former Utopian management section (Zippy, Blade, PearlHunter). It is not a traditional demogroup but a modern art group that focuses on modern art, experimental poetry, audio-engineering, etc. [Zippy/Hugi/TDP]

THE KOOL - is a new joke group formed by Ambient Move, Velvet, Xenon, and Poti. Their main activity is boozing. [poti/bm]

THE LOST PATROL - released a trainer for the x-mas edition and version 1.31 of Myth's Giana Sisters. [Dynamite!/TLP]

THE TRACKERING - is an old music-compo that now starts again. Check out []

THE UTOPIANS - have been closed, mainly due to time problems by its president Zippy. [Zippy/Hugi/TDP]

THERALITE - A funky musicdisk is planned. The "best graphicians of the world" are searched for contributing with GFX. Contact Gainx at to join the team. Will_be's musicdisk "time machine" consisting of 8 hip-hop joints is now available at [Yes at, demojournal]

TOKYO DAWN RECORDS - paniq wants to code a tracker. Contact him at the address Every week, a new lab-shot of the tracker will be shown at Paniq is also looking for someone to design the real homepage. [IRC]

TREBEL - The main pages are now online at Trebel also installed new newsgroups accessible via Usenet. They are to be a substitute for the unreliable The newsgroups are called alt.trebel, alt.trebel.demos,, alt.trebel.diskmag, There are also local newsgroups for Dutch ( and French ( sceners.

TRIP! (diskmag) - can now be read online using Java at [Genoz/Excite]

TWO HEADED SQUIRREL - This new online magazine by mckracken can now be found at []

UNIVERSE - are going to release issue 5 of their English/Russian diskmag Armor of Gods in March. The demo DiVE is almost finished. [Programmer/UniVerse]

VINILO (diskmag) - Arlequin is working on a South American demoscene magazine. The first issue of Vinilo will be released at the end of march. So far, he has got about 170k of notes about coding, tracking, comments, e-mail guides and other things. He thinks about doing an official South American demoscene web page, too. []

WIRE (coder) - is working on a next-generation soundtracker for Windows, whose aims are fast speed (90% ASM code), an easy-to-use interface for tracking newsbies, and advanced tracker features for experiment users. ASM, C++ and Windows coders are needed to join the development team. Contact Wire at [Wire]

X-MEN - opened a web-site, located at [Remdy]

XOGRAPHY - Go to to download a game by some oldskool sceners (Yaka/Xography, CeKay/Xography and others). The game is called M.I.S.C and is freeware. It uses the Vesa 2.0 interface (no DirectX); it runs under Win95, but only if the graphics card supports the used VESA Modes (640x480 8 Bit and 640x480 16 Bit if available). There is no GFX hardware support yet; everything is done with a software engine. Also available: some German documentation about the algorithms and tricks used in that game. [Yaka/Xography]

Other infos

A documentation of the VBE3 standard is now available at the address:

Recent Scene CD releases, supplied by Dan Wright:

Bjorn Lynne -
ISMS - on the Scope Records label. January release. Worms:Armageddon Soundtrack (EP). February release. Wolves of the Gods - due out in March.

Kosmic -
Simon V - Vivid ( Dec/Jan Release Kosmic Archive 3 - contains audio and data. January Release

Nebula -
Interstellar Harmony Volume one - Compilation of various artist. Dec/Jan

Maz Sound -
Tracked Worx '98 - ? on release date

To complete the list of local scene channels in the article "The Scene on IRC" (Hugi #13), we would like to inform you about the existance of the two following channels: - for the scene in Turkey
#demo-ita - for Italian sceners

To exit your mIRC faster than usual, hold the "alt" key and type "fxfighter".

- adok^hugi