Message Corner

These messages were submitted through the support.sheets. They are only roughly edited, because it's funnier this way. :)

All from Adok/Hugi
I'll probably close the message corner after this issue, as we hardly get any reasonable messages anyway. If you don't agree, send flames, protests and sensible MESSAGES to

All from Apocalypse
I'm looking 4 new Ctx. Write 2 Me !!

all from CoolPhonE^defect^tatanka
4 swap & total disaster support!
pawel tykwinski
ul.broniewskiego 6
06-300 przasnysz

All australian #coders from Sagacity/Quad
hey guys, I truly consider you guys to be my arses.

All my ctx! from Morgul/Dark Eden
Greetz my friends!

all my friends from grifter.ipc+flow

all on #coders.ger from bj0ern
bleibt wie ihr seid :)

all swappas in tha world from Morgul/Dark Eden
if u lookin' for new ctx then move your ass & write to me... adress somewhere in adverts...

Bam from Adok/Hugi
Not all of us are mortals. Diskmag makers are invincible.

Black/Twilight from Adok/Hugi
Kako si?

Cereal/Ooze Labs from Adok/Hugi
In case I haven't told you yet: You're great!

cro from fiszi
u r stupid!!

Dan Wright from Darkness/Imphobia
Yes Yes Yes! Our CD is going to rock.. It's an nice experience working with you on that project.

Dave^PhyMosys from Dario Phong^PhyMosys
Finish your current project and let's start a 4k intro!

Dario Phong / PhyMosys from Adok/Hugi
Buenos dias! Como te llamos?

Distance/TPOLM from Adok/Hugi
Hyvää päivää! Mites menee?

D-Lee/Exceed/Haujobb from Adok/Hugi
Hogy vagy? Adok hugit! Ich halte es für eine gute Idee, auch Demos mit politischem Hintergrund zu machen (Stichwort Berlin). I think it's a good idea to make demos about political topics, too (like "Berlin").

dob from ill
you're the future :) ma man :)

Dr. Oui / Orange Juice from Adok/Hugi
Salut! Ca va?

Dr. Yes/OJ & Lluvia/Slk from Darkness/Imphobia
Greetings to the greatest duo in the whole scene.

everybody from dee kay

everybody from Wodniak
Write 2 me, if you wanna new cool ctx :) Adress in adverts ofcoz

Flash/Peon from Adok/Hugi
Ahoj! Ako sa mas?

Goofy/Replay from Adok/Hugi
Heya heya Sverige!

Idiotboy from Bam
Are you dead? Will you talk to mortals like us again some day? :)

Jaw/Desion from Tiyo/Centrum Super Design^Flow^Desion
Yo pal! Your ascii is great!

Jester^FT from Michael Maier
Greetings from #TheScene & #rV => We all luv U!!

Magic ^ Nah-Kolor from mSW ^ jLY ^ sOS
It's nice that you drop articles over here, but please make it new ones, and not the ones you had on the floor from 2 years back ;)

MasterBoy/WIJ from Adok/Hugi
Ahalen! Ma nishma?

PL/Imphobia from Darkness/Imphobia
Let's finnish that project asap man! the world is waiting for you :)

Programmer/UniVerse from Adok/Hugi
Privet! Kak dela?

Quartz/Officium from Adok/Hugi
Tutti bene?

Ray-K aka Dominei from Adok/Hugi
Hey! What's up with Daskmig 2000? I can't wait to read it! I just re-read the old Daskmig issues 6-8 and am now more fond of your cool, funny and yet not childish writing style than ever. BTW, I accidentially found your two hidden parts. :) (To the others: Set the DOS system date to December 24th or August 17th of any year and then start Daskmig #7 or #8.)

Slipper from CoolPhonE
What's up dude ?

snap from ill
thnx 4 da logo :)

Street Raider // DDT Entertainment from Adok/Hugi
Molodec! Ochenj xorosho! (Feel free to transform that into correct Russian! :)

Szum/Cryogen from Adok/Hugi
Dzien dobry!

Sweeper/Excite/Vantage from Adok/Hugi
Grezi! Wie goht's?

variat from ill
howdy :) let your delayz just step back, oki? when are you going to kick me out from android's dream? :)

Variat/AD from Singer/Grinders
I hope that I'll manage to finish that tune soon... U know how it is - shool etc...

Zero from Blackman
Yo muchacho! :)

ZeRO! from Blackman
Your's azkies rules for ever!

- yksi kaksi kolme. adok hugit. hugi staff.