Hugi Icon Competition Announcement

Written by Adok

A New Competition, in which everyone can take part!

Your task: Draw an icon for Hugi. The icon must have the size 32x32 and either 16 or 256 colours. Save the icon either as ICO, BMP, PCX or GIF and send it to All icons which we will have got till Hugi #15 will be either attached to it, or uploaded to the Hugi Homepage as a separate ZIP file. Using your support.sheets, the readers can vote for the best icon. The results will be published in Hugi #16, and the best icon will be used in its Windows interface.

Take a look at hugi256.ico in this issue's for an example.

You do not have to be a graphician to draw a good icon, and it does not take much time, either. We are looking forward to your contributions!

- adok^hugi

Thanks to Griesse for the idea.