Written by pinkki

It's summer
just you and me here
the air is cool
as cool as the ocean below
the aura of our love shines in the dark
the moon is watching us
the sun is waiting its turn

I whisper silently in your ear
telling you what you want to hear
the others know nothing about it
i gently lick your ear
you give me a sigh, and begin to melt
i know you want it
don't suppress your emotions

We watch each other in the light of the stars
it's as if time stops
no more worries
no more pain
we are like air
the wind blows us away
away, out of this world

The sun is rising
we return to the present
go back to our friends
we smile contentedly

They know nothing

(c) pinkki / Kristian Koivisto-Kokko