Report: Volcanic 5

Written by N.r.t.h.

February 17th

This is not yet a report. Just two days are left until the Volca. I had a phone call with some Greuh! members to "time-organize" the trip to Cournon.

So tomorrow, we will all bring our computers to Tcr's appartment, the crazy Amiga coder! Maybe a space problem will rise in the room, all that hardware at a single place. And so will it be in the party, too!

Arrgh... Tomorrow my computer will leave me without Fast Tracker! I will need the headphones (in the bag) to finish a track out there.

February 19th

Volcanic 5 is the first party I am going to after the old Atari & Amiga code-parties.

We finally reached Cournon after an exciting trip. Everything was right till we lost the people in the van (we went to the party with three cars and this Volkswagen van). And it was in the street we all had to be at 7:00 this morning!

At 7:30, we waited for the Greuh! van. It never came back. We left, until the backdoor of our car opened while we were driving at 80mph!

So we arrived late at the Volcanic. However, everybody was waiting in front of the main door. We stayed outside for about two hours before entering the party place!

Now we are there, and the modcompo-deadline is soon. The report will stay like this for a while....

February 20th

9:00 a.m. The mod-compo is about to start. Yet 28 hours without sleeping. It is a beginning for sure, because the interesting things will start soon.

Well, a few comments about the party till now: There are roughly 700 persons, even though the room actually has space for only 500. Some sceners cannot even come in (despite having paid the entrance fee!) due to the fact that some Playstation gamers are taking a lot of space. The organizers did not really talk to us, we do not know a thing...

18 p.m. I hand the keyboard over to Juan, the new graphician in GreuH! ;) He is certainly going to make the first place in the 2D-GFX-compo. His entry was made at 5 o'clock this morning. It was just a joke, but since making it lasted a couple of hours, we decided to submit it. So here is Juan. Hugi is a multi-scene mag, parties are multi-scene too, so let us mix the whole:

A few minutes until the show. My hands are shaking and I am a bit scared. The only way for me to survive was to use blur motion. This special technique (used by almost the best hand-gfxmen) is mainly used to make the pic "smooth". ;) (N.r.t.h.: We called that anti-aliasing before, when we had to do it pix per pix!)

But let's talk about the party!!!!!!!!!! ......... Hem ........... Well .............. It's a bit boring, no??????????? Let's fuck the most bastard group in this place.

(N.r.t.h.: Sorry for the language, however this is the way Juan expresses his best ideas. Anyway, I will define a local variable here for Hugi. FK = fuck.)

First place: LowScan (N.r.t.h.: His "normal" handle is HiScan), a FKing bastard (BD = bastard) musician. (N.r.t.h. is crying because he just learned that LowScan was a musician... Shame on him! Go Ophelie, go, only French people will understand this one. :))

And this FKing bitch (used only once), I mean Sonia. Nobody knows her, but she pretends to suck dog and my little FKing ass (A = ass, sorry, there are too many four-letter words to be declared). She is proud of her prods, though she is the only one, except her FKing BD of boyfriend... Everybody knows him (that is what he is always saying), namely APH - vince, the little man, with his little dick (D = dick) and his big A.

In fact you probably think that I am crazy and completely mad (N.r.t.h.: Well, the one does not go without the other :)), but those guys (Sonia too) pretend to be the only organizers of the RTS Party (in France).

Actually they want to organize the RTS Party 2 without the main organizers, that is to say GreuH! All the FKing guys are part of BMK FKing group. I suppose that some of you still remember a demo made by them (ooch... joke!) containing a lot of ripped code from a great group.

Just for the fun, let me talk about a thing that happened yesterday at the Volcanic 5. Mentasm asked for a fast compo: "the smallest code with the most beautiful effects" BMK's prod: one plan (two colours), nine FKing little lines representing RTS instead of BMK... They were ridiculous... (N.r.t.h.: Popsy Team did a cool thing, and another 400b long code really did some great job with some fire effects). What you have to know before I close those lines is that BMK have no legal solution to organise the RTS Party 2 without GreuH! For all that, the RTS Party 2 will be organised by GreuH! or will not be held at all (French Laws of all associations). But they actually spread flyers at different parties. They even do a funny (but FKing) WWW page (with too poor gfx.). DO NOT TRUST THEM, because Tuesday, the second March 1999, the new representant of our association will be elected, and there will be no way to re-elect APH as the president. After all, Sonia and Lowscan are no more members of the association...

Hurry hurry, the gfx-compo starts... See you in the next world... Bye Friends... Kisses from JuaN!

We waited for the gfx-compo for about an hour (it seems to be normal to wait at this year's Volcanic party, without any information), and after the 30 pictures, we all voted for Voool, the one of JuaN. Even some people who stayed at home (!) did.

We also saw the 3D-gfx compo. Now the fast gfx compo is going on, and they also launched the fast music compo (western style and the main theme of a famous French movie: "Les Bronzes font du ski"). After more than 36 hours without sleeping (and at least 12 more because I do not want to miss the animation, intro and demo compos) I will try to sample a best-of-country CD to find some western sounds... If I am too lazy, I will be back to you. Off.

February 21st

Well, it has been the twenty-first of February for a while in fact. Since the last log, the animations have been shown. Lots of very cool products! I did not vote, because I just could not decide which ones were really better than the others. The fast music-compo is over, the groups have handed the intros in and we are waiting to see them. One hour to the deadline of the demos. Tcr/Greuh! is still debugging Greuh!'s prod which should kick ass! Many people are sleeping, but I do not want to miss intros/demos for anything. I will close the eyes only when everything is finished.

We are experiencing the last hours of the V5. Approximately 40 entries for the wild compo are presented. Some great ones and some slightly boring are among them. Of course, the demo-compo is 6-7 hours late now, and there are still some problems. Finally, Greuh! did not finish their production. It will be released at the ArfParty! then. However, we will see two Amiga demos (and also PC-ones for sure). Four intros entered the 64kb-intro. Orange Juice made an oldskool one, with a cool scrolltext (I did not see all the other effects as reading takes a lot of my head's CPU).

The demos were cool. At first the organizers told they had only one entry for the demo-compo, but finally, they showed 22 PC-demos (one in Linux) and two Amiga-demos. Orange Juice won the compo with a great production coded by Ecstasy/Nomad, Digital Murder are second, and the Popsy Team third. Sorry, I did not stay at the party until the presenting of the results. It was late and the van's headlights were not working. I had to drive on full beam the whole trip!

The party is over, a few last words to conclude. I had great fun there, talking to some guys I did not know the name (and still do not), viewing and hearing great stuff, visiting Cournon to find the McDo, dealing with how the scene should be (Slach party orgs)... Real life re-takes its importance now, after three days in Nozor Land!

Adok is waiting for this little report, I should send it to him now because Hugi is to be released soon.

If you want to check the results of the Volcanic #5:

- N.r.t.h./Headcrash