Review: mah mellow beats

Written by Psychic Symphony

OK! So I got this music-disk yesterday from the net! I'm about to hear it for the first time! So here it goes... Clicking on the play button!

The first tune is called mutated forest. And I will have to hear it for seven minutes! Ai ai ai! :P Let's hope it's good. So far the intro seems ok! Nice environment sounds... Let me go read some of the txt files while this is playing!

"mah mellow beats"
mah050 - 1st musicdisk
15 tunes - 13 artists
1h20m49s - 8,16 mByte
style: various/chill
date: nov.15.98
(c) 1998 mah music

Here we go! Information on the disk! :)

OK! Info on the first song... 'Mutated forest - saget2' by Dousk! It's mainly just ambient flow. :) Good for an intro!

Time for song 2: 'Oceanside Serenity'. Nice ambient sounds to start with, sea sample is very good! =) Macris is responsible. There are some loosened hits here and there, enough to qualify this as an ambient drum'n'bass tune! My definition of drum'n'bass is a little tweaked so don't mind if you have different opinion! :) It's ending...

5:35! The tune is called 'the mah experience' and it was tracked by tb. Drum'n'bleep rather than base! ;) Nah... Definitly good drum'n'bass! Nice electro feel to it! This one is nothing special but it has been worked hard on. It seems to be missing some sort of development though! Too bad, it really has some good sounds in there. WOW! 2 megs of 16-bit 44khz samples, OUCH! My HD is pleading for mercy! Oh well... Waiting for the next tune!

Here we go... Mnemonic journey! done in march 98 by genocyber. 5:47! Chilled out drums! Fits the title! I'm tempted to skip to the next track... This one gets boring. :( But it's ok for background music!

Forsythia. 6:33! By fulcrum. This seems to develop into a nifty drum and bass mellow banging! The drums are really cool! Small break and... More break... And... Where the hell are the drums? I want drums!!! Here we go TUM P TUM! TUM P TUM TUM TUM! Nice. :) Pick it up... Another break... Damn! :P Snif those bass-lines! ;) PA PA... TUP TUP PA PA! This tune really kicks ass! A little too much slow maybe! Just maybe... ;) Here we go again... TUM P TUM TUP TUP! PA P TA TA! ... Hei, I'm getting pretty good at writing down tunes. :P

And op, here comes another one... What's this? mono211 takeover? Let me check the tune... 'Drum & Grace', hehe, nice title! DJ Teknostep from Canada. :P First break-down... Let these synths be heard... And now we wrap it a little with small clitches and re-bring the beats! I hear too much drum'n'bass - everyone seems to use the same techniques! :( Why don't they simply fuck up the beats? In the beginning it sounds bad but when you hear the song a couple more times it starts becoming cool! :P Yah! Fuck-up-beats rule! :) How long is this? 4:45! Must be ending soon then...

What's this? 1:10! Better hurry with info then... Hairstyle by genocyber! Freestyle mix 3 he says! OK! I believe ya. =) Nice drums... END!

African Dragon... Hu! Scary title! ... 5:11 of Clan Gilmore tracking modplug. Best tracker for Windows he says! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Track number 9 is 'mellow wibble'. Not much didferent style from the previous tracks. This time by Doink. Around 4 minutes... I'm getting sleepy! Let me check this x-mas catalogue while the tune changes... That was fun... zzzzzzzzzz... Please end! :( 30 seconds for end! Whee!

And at number 10 we have 'G2' by Dousk and MisterBla. Nice sounds! Very mellow and chilly! Very 'robert miles' I might say! Really good tune! 5:30 playing time. Here come the beats. A little fucked up. I like that! :) This song is definitly one of the best so far. This one rules! It might need a little more piano tune. It seems to always fade away when it starts picking up the piano... Too bad. It has some good sequences. Just not connected. Really awesome atmosphere though! WOW! A flute! Exactly what it needed to wrap it up! This one rules!!! Go get this music-disk! If not for anything else, for this awesome song.

'green cosmonaut' by Foze. Time for me to write about what mister bla wrote on the infofile. The link between the tunes. They are really linked, the mood doesn't abruptly change anywhere! Which of course is good! :) This particular tune has a more 'outspace' feel! Darkness and silence, you understand? It's a good tune! I like it as well. 4:20. I don't understand what is the green on the title is about, though... Can't see the relation with the song!

'decayed' by Twin. 6 more minutes of chilled drum'n'bass so I reckon! Notice the link once again... From a dark tune to another! Very well placed! Time to babble about the cover pic. Which is a waterly greek statue head floating with mah mellow beats written. All very black and blue! I don't like it but I guess it fits the overall feeling of the musicdisk! This song is too long!


'unexpected adventure', 8 minutes, by vildauget. I like these small developments of the synths! Nothing beyond though... Let's wait and see how and if it develops further. A little main-tune... It seems to want to take over... It's ok! Nice... Just a good music. Won't loop too much nor too little! Missing something though. Don't know what, but I miss something. Can't see relation to the title! :P Hehe. Just read the sample info... Nice story. I guess it fits the situation! :) Yet another too big tune. zzzzzzzzz... Talked too soon, it's ending right now! :) Oh! No it's not. Still 1:30 to go, it's a break-down! What the hell are these sounds supposed to be? ... There, breakdown over... Back to mellow synths. End is near!

Hey shit! Big weird title! :P Here we go... It's not that weird! 'kiajera(misterdiskmiscmix)' from... substanza! 8 minutes and 37 seconds! AH! Remix by mister bla. Looks as if he tried to fix some sample, not sure on the output, better? :P Some weird vocals. I don't like this one! Badly used 16-bit samples IMHO. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Three minutes to go? Oh no! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Maybe if the vocals could be understood? I dunno... I just don't like this one!

Genocyber once again, this time with the 'subsonic water mix' of 'chameleon dub'. 3 minutes of waterly mellow bass! I guess it's ok! :)

Last of all we have an mp3 outro! 17 seconds only!

Well... That's it! Some good tunes, some ok and some boring. I'm not good at evaluating stuff and there is nothing of this kind for me to compare with so I just say 'go get the disk and listen to it'. It is good for background play while you pixel, code, render, IRC or whatever! Very mellow with a twist of drum and bass to it. I like it. Especially that g2 tune. You make up your own mind of this 8 meg musicdisk!

- Psychic Symphony