Review: The Party 8 Intros

Written by mSW

The Party 8 releases judgement by mSW. I give my personal view of the files released over there. Not looking at the final results at all. The test configuration is as follows:

PII-350Mhz - 64MB
Gravis Ultrasound 1MB - SB64
Stingray 128/3D
UniVBE 6.53

64kintro By Tpolm

One weird one this is. It has only one routine which draws nice patterned dot figures, and they change colour depending on the strenght of the bass in the music. Looks rather nice, but this only routine becomes boring after a while.

[Rating 59%]

Alienation By Aardbei

Alienation is filled with spline light emitting movements, one tunnel, and some sine colour movements. The music fits this production great and if you are into dancetraxx, this one will fit tightly to your needs. I really liked the vector donut stuff with the moving light dots in this production.

[Rating 75%]

Alien Sex Clone By Fudge

What can I say... it's just Clone vs. Clone Vs. Clone Vs. Clone. The screen gets screwed up if I use the UniVBE driver. But without it, it runs fine. The effects are just the improved code of Clone Vs. Clone. The music is atmospheric and fits into this demonstration like a glove. Just a have-to-get it production. See it for yourself!

[Rating 91%]

Doh By LisCom

Well, this is another windows-suxx intro. Haven't we seen enough of those? Well this one shows yet another crash... and then tells you to use Linux instead.... Well, boring.

[Rating 20%]

E Powder By Colas

Starts with some flashlight effects and then a rather nice raytraced animation. The glass spline vector looks rather nice, too. Again we see some colour effects, but nothing special. The music sounds the same all the time and has an abrupt ending.

[Rating 55%]

Hplus By Halcyon

Blue smoke is entering a vector thing at the beginning of this demonstration. Then we follow the path of the blue smoke into dark and mysterious rooms. It has a spooky feeling all over there. Very nice idea that has been worked out. The music sounds crappy in the beginning, too alternative if you ask me, but somehow it fits right into this production. Perhaps the subtitle of this one could be 'The Blue Zone'.

[Rating 75%]

Jesus By Haujobb

This intro starts with a nice vector place filled with moving lightbulbs. The music is quite uptempo and simply sounds good. The effects run smoothly and are a joy for the eye. Just a great example of how intros should look like.

[Rating 68%]

Prison By Rebels

Again a well known name from the Amiga scene. I hoped that it would have the same atmosphere and style on the PC as it has had on the Amiga. But how wrong I was... the music is terrible and heavily outdated. The design is to cry for. This is just one hell of a way to destroy the good reputation of Rebels Amiga. Just don't bother looking at it if you want to keep that nostalgic Amiga feeling.

[Rating 45%]

Pure By Quad

The unpacking-graphics animation in this production is rather innovative. Instead of a bar indicating the unpacking level, they use a circle that gets filled blue. The intro has some great atmospherical trance sound to it. And the way it has been designed is superb as well. It is like watching a tiny movie which starts underwater. Some recognizeable elements are in the demo: the Quake-like Q, the ship from Pulse, and some moving stones. Furthermore, the slide on the spline looks great, as well as the picture zoomer. The credits part consists of a nice vector movement with pulse light patterns. Simply one hell of an intro from the Dutch people.

[Rating 92%]

Saturae By Nostalgia64

Well, this one could have been left at home. The guys say that they have nothing in common with the Nostalgia guys from Holland. And even if they hadn't told us that, you would have guessed it. Damn, this production bites. I've seen better c64 demos than this.

[Rating 11%]

Superfluxx By Suburban

Again a clone to the Clone Vs. Clone concept. But this one looks indeed very nice. The only negative point in this production is the fact that they used that ramped bassed music. Please stop making demonstrations this way. The rest of the demo is packed with line-spline-light emitting stuff. It just gives you a great feeling. Perhaps more different effects could have made this one slightly better.

[Rating 70%]

Teknotic By Magic

Here we have an example of the fact that Basic simply suxx. This intro was entirely coded in Quick Basic, and it shows that in every way.

[Rating 15%]

Tiputipu By Coma

Well, need we say more... just another one of those weird, funny coma designed demonstrations. This one is wicked, with lots of sine moving colour disrupting effects. Just as you would expect from the coma guys.

[Rating 62%]

Too Short By Artificial Interrupt

Another simplistic intro. We all know it is hard to come up with great coding. But if you make an intro, please make it a bit original. I did like the falling down the clouds part a bit, but why do we bounce back up again?

[Rating 25%]

Transformers By Enfrosyne

This intro has it all. It gives you back that great memory of childhood by giving you the heroes of the transformers back on your screen. The whole demonstration is timed with the music, it just feels right. Furthermore, they have fractal routines to fall just in love with, and even some paper airplanes that fly around light filled tunnels. Phew, I looove this one very much.

[Rating 93%]

Windans'98 By Macrosoft

Well, what can we say about this one... just an ansi joke of Windows'98. If you are into ansi demos take a look at this... if not, don't bother.

[Rating 30%]

X25 By Bandwagon

Yet another one tries to be Orange. Well, they are not. The intro starts out pretty nice with a landscape coloured cycled light thingy. After that we get some 3D stuff, with a buggy routine. Again we spot lots of black dots and lines. The music sounds as if it runs out-of-sync. This could have been a nice one.

[Rating 37%]

- mSW^jLY^sOS