The IRC Addicts of the Scene

Written by Magic


If scening isn't already such a time consuming hobby. With all these channels about our beloved(?) PC and its scene and the cheap price of internet access and phone usage, ONLINE scening has evolved to the state that sceners can dedicate - in theory - 24 hours a day to their hobby. Of course being a member of the PC scene already gives you the tool to get netted: a computer! That's why other channels based on various topics, for instance NBA Basketball, aren't that crowded or are getting far less new regular people than on 'our' channels through the years.

Channels? Which Channels?!?

There are various channels based on different aspects of the PC scene. The most important and crowded ones are:

#thescene (PC, C64 and Amiga scene together)
#pixel (Graphicians Channel)
#coders (PC Coders Channel)

The Die Hard PC Scene IRC Addicts

Excluding people who have a BOT around at IRC, which is a small program to have your name around 24 hours a day at a channel, there are some sceners who spend hours and hours a day on IRC... Now in the real life press there are already written publications about the increasing Internet addicts in countries worldwide. So here follows a list of the TEN most IRC addicted PC sceners in Europe:

10. Adok / Hugi (I had to mention him, though he spends just as much time on writing articles for Hugi as on IRC.)

09. Scorpik (After Pulse.Pl died, he hasn't much to do than letting his ghost hunt around forever on IRC...)

08. Assa / Acme (Super Assa as he calls himself, being of Dutch origin, has to smoke and IRC because his physician told him so; It's the most recent cure against the AIDS virus...)

07. Laura Croft (She is battleing trough her fourth adventure, which is being tested as we speak!)

06. Unreal of CNCD (The No1 PC coder actually spends most of his time around Amiga sceners. Yet no wonder when he works together with Lazur, Scorpik, Fame, Jogeir and Alex of Melon.)

05. Orbital / Nah-kolor (More online than offline due to his big balls.)

04. Goagod of TBL (This guy is actually online 24 hours a day, kicking, advising, talking nonsense to people day in and day out...)

03. Xtd / Mystic (Having discovered mIRC at his work, he chats all the time when his employer doesn't see it.)

02. Antony / Pulse (France was to boring to live in; J'aime.)

01. Danny / Eidos Int. (Danny's wages are paid trough the phonebill at his software firm EIDOS.)

- Magic/Nah-kolor