Emulation Scene

Written by mSW

Since the beginning I've really been into emulation. It all started with the emulation of the good old C64. I hooked up my familiar old 1541 drive to my PC and started transferring all the old disks I had left. I had a really great time watching those old demos again. And I got even more surprised to see the releases that are made nowadays. Those guys really know their ways around that dusty thing.

Also console emulators for the Sega / SNES and NeoGeo seemed to work very nicely. After trying some ROMs on these machines, again a whole new world of nostalgia was revealed. The times of those consoles were fun and lots of cewl games could be played on them. Who can't remember Sonic for the Sega or Donkey Kong for the SNES? The NeoGeo was the console that was too expensive for my budget, but I just loved the graphics on that system.

Today I switched to a slightly heavier machine, and started emulating my good old Amiga. My Amiga 2000 still stands next to my PC, so I can test it to the maximum. I slightly hoped that AGA would be available on the emulation but it still lacks it. I mailed one of the emulator's author asking about it and he told me that AGA support might be implemented this year. I really hope so because I have tons of AGA demos lying around that I never have seen. This is mainly caused by the fact that I lost my trust in Commodore when they started releasing the AGA-based Amigas.

Another thing that no one thought could be done was the emulation of the PlayStation. But PSEmu Pro proved the opposite. Then, last year, suddenly there was a rumour that another PlayStation emulator with a perfect emulation factor was on its way. No one believed it, but the authors proved it to us with some nice screenshots. Still people had their doubts. Then one day I suddenly noticed a 'leaked' beta-version of this program, and of course I downloaded it very quickly to try it out. The size is 1/5 of the PSEumo pro and it CAN play the movies of the games. It lacks sound and colour in the movies, though. But remember that this is only beta 1 of this great working program. I just can't wait to get my hands on a later version, or just the final thing. This thing will rock the entire emulation scene like never done before. So start looking out for it, and think that in a while you will be able to play Tekken 3 or Crash Bandicot on your PC, although you will never see them converted to this platform.

For more information on emulation you can always get in touch with me, or just search on the Internet.

- mSW^jLY^sOS