Reaction to 'Amiga: Year 1998 - The Scene'

Written by Surfing

I would like to answer to some mentally restricted "Amiga" sceners. I've read an article by an old "friend" named Kaosmaster/DarkAge and Ghandy/Faith^DKG in HUGI (the only mag I've got on PC).

First of all I need to clarify some points that my cool knight Kaosmaster doesn't know. He told bullshit about me; I don't own an Amiga? Crap. I've got a PROUD a500 with 1 meg, and my first production on the cool miggy was back in 1992 at TCB party (an intro coded by cool Elektron and Nemesis).

Now let's start with the "constructive" things.

I told 1000 times that the Amiga scene was dead because of AGA... I know, this isn't true. Everyone is nostalgic, but you must admit that the old DEMOS (I'm talking about demos and not about guys/scene...) were 100x funnier. Why? 'coz the AMIGA scene wants to get equal to the PC one (IMHO). I mean, face the truth... Chunky-To-Planar things, Particles... The PC scene is AHEAD nowadays.

Don't crucify me, I've got one million of friends on old Amiga (and even more on c64).

Amiga guys claim that "you need to buy NEW PC systems for cool demos"... That's the biggest hypocrisy I have ever heard. Check it with your own eyes - in EVERY AMIGA mag (ROM, GENERATION, SCENETIME...) "you" talk about the "Amiga future with PPC": Soon new systems will be established, more space for sceners will come! But remember, we started with an a500 512kb ECS with fuckin' cool trackmos, then the Amiga AGA series came, then we climbed the POWER scale up with newer MC processors. Isn't that EXACTLY what you MAD whackos hated about PC?

I mean, there are different types of AMIGA sceners... Those who consider that AMIGA is the only system for "SCENE" are wussies, losers to my mind.

You can't judge me only because I've got a PC, you know... A lot of AMIGA freaks got a PC. The days of separation are finished. The SCENE is FULLY MELTED, check your "idols" in GFX or MSX (I don't wanna name anyone), aren't they active on PC as well as AMIGA?

What's the point of making all that noise then? Just admit there's one SCENE... the DEMOSCENE (I'm on the BOOZESCENE :D), stop acting as wannabe elite during the parties...

There is a PC scene! Its demos are cool, old Amiga names are involved in them too, and there are cool magazines (Hugi).

And stop saying "Amiga scene is 100x smaller than the PC one but in '97 we released XX demos". What's it all for?

Kaosmaster, stop saying that PC demos or the PC scene suck, and please come to foreign parties sometimes in order to check with your own eyes what the differences between an Amiga user and a PC one are...

"PC quakers"? Madness, that's what party organizers (always fight them!) NEED for the PRIZES. Sponsors often cover only the "legal parts" of parties. I hate quakers, but I can remember how AMIGA MAGAZINES (paper ones) judged those "Doom" clones on Amiga and gave them the best ratings.

There is a DEMOSCENE and GAMERS. Both Amiga and PC got them. They are only in major number on PC due to the spread of this machine.

I think I've said enough (IRC LOGGING KICKS!). That's what I think, and no one can "convert me". Those things just make me remember the C64 against AMIGA wars. Check those things in the ooold ILLEGAL issues; has got it.

Always remember to support your local BOOZEPARTY... Booze and pussies are the scene's saviours!

Sincerely, your

- surfing / ramjam ^ damones ^ fairlight (c64)

- Yeah, this article was written online during an IRC session! - Adok