The Need To Be Elite

Written by Adok

Somewhere else in this magazine, a fellow Hugi member writes that he does not like the 'I'm elite, and you're not'-attitude many scene-archives have. When you read the paragraph closely, you will realize that, between the lines, he says that actually he wants to become elite.

In fact, psychoanalysts have proven that at an unconscious level, the word 'not' actually does not exist when you express a wish. So, "I do not want to be elite" actually means "I _do_ want to be elite".

Admit it: We all want to be elite! Unless we already are. It's no difference if you say you do not want to be elite or, like e.g. KB does, even explicitely say that you _are_ elite. If you do not want to be elite, what else do you want to be? Lame? Come on, be honest.

Since we all should think positively, I think we should not hide our true feelings. Therefore everyone should say, "I WANT TO BE ELITE," and if he already is, "I AM ELITE."

- adok^hugi