New Blob Modeller Shows The Way Of The Future For Demos

Written by Goblin

Recently I was searching for new and great 3d programs, both modellers and renderers to try my hand at, when I stumbled across something called "Organica" - a 560k zip file.

What could this be?

Surely not a program anything like the complexity of 3d Studio?

Correct. It's not as complex as 3d Studio, in fact, its a lot simpler both in functionality and usage. However, it IS a very intuitive 'blob' modelling tool.

Organica features 25 different 'meta' objects that can be used additively, or subtractively with different mesh and colour strengths that enable you to create an endless array of organic looking models (read: living things) with a minimum of expertise.

For those that don't know, meta objects are like the 'blobs' commonly seen in demos today. They are objects that run together to form smooth shapes that can be easily manipulated. For those that are really out of touch, think of two spheres - put them beside each other in a traditional 3d modeller, and you end up with two spheres; but put them together when they are meta objects and what you get is one dumbell/hourglass shape.

Organica also has an option to change the (realtime) rendering accuracy, which allows you to model with a rough image of the final product constantly displayed, and then allows you to produce a top quality model for use in another program like Lightwave or 3d Studio.

What's that, Lightwave or 3d Studio?

Correct. Organica has its own .OGC format - a small, native filetype that may prove useful for modelling and/or storing meshes for 64k intros. What is great though, is that it also saves in .LWO or .3DS format (.DXF and .IOB too).

Unfortunately, the demo version (available at does not support saving, but at least, if some people play around with it, we might see some new, interesting uses of meta-objects in the next generation of demos... not only in pre-made objects, but perhaps also more exciting realtime blobs.

3d Studio is probably Copyright and Trademark of someone, as is Lightwave, and Organica... I don't want any legal problems.

- Goblin/Xtatic/Quad