BeOS Rulez!

Written by Serun

I was reading Hugi 13, and I came across Paranoid's article titled "Linux Sux!". The article inspired me to write about the new OS I'm going to get by mail soon, the BeOS. Paranoid's article states that Linux is not going to be the OS of the future, and that's fine by me. I have been looking for the platform for which I'm going to start programming demos, and I have gone from DOS Assembler to Windows and DirectX, and finally (hopefully) to the BeOS.

The BeOS has the standard GUI and it also has a command-line if you're into typing unix commands every once and awhile. It already has a demo out for it, even though it is a ported one, so it seems that a few people are already looking at the BeOS as a demo platform in the same way I am. BeOS comes with a full version compiler for free, giving people a chance to code without having to buy a $100 compiler. This is great for people who aren't sure whether they would like to code or not, but wouldn't mind trying. It's worth looking into if you're not sure of what OS to go with or if you're using one and don't really like it all that much. All the info on it can be found at Once I get it and do some graphics coding for it maybe I'll write some tuts on it.

Questions? Comments?

- Serun