The Lack of Articles

Written by Maharaja

In most diskmags the main editors cry about the lack of articles and can't understand why they get only a few ones. But the answer is IMHO quite simple:

The Writers Aren't Sure If They Are Good Enough

They think so because they compare themselves to well known people who made well known things (e.g. Future Crew, Pulse,...) and if they decide to write an article they compare it to the best ones too and notice that their articles aren't that good.

That may be true but nobody is born as a great writer. If you look at the other articles in a mag you will notice that there are a lot of writers who aren't very good too. But they believe in themselves and try to be productive, to help the others. If you think you aren't good enough to write an own article, then start writing an answer, a reaction to an article you have read (BTW I would be glad to recieve some feedback =) ).

When you do this, you will get the power you need to write your own article.

And that's an important thing which keeps the scene alive!

- Maharaja^NoLogic