Butchering Magproducers - The truth is out there

Written by Sane

Why, God why, do mag producers (read: main- and co-editors) butcher eachother?
Why do they do that ALL THE TIME?!

They do it all year long by writing ridiculous texts about their opponents. Texts which they call articles but which do not deserve that title by far as those disgusting texts are merely fillers. - I am now not talking about fair criticism (criticism given in respond on lame deeds; which is in my eyes fully legitimate), but that should be clear. I am talking about attacks for no reason and counterattacks because of those first senseless attacks.

All year long the magazines try to weaken the others (possible candidates for their throne) by using 'beneath the belt'-actions. Instead of praising the fact the Scene still has some nice magazines which should - and could! - live in perfect harmony together, magproducers want to rule the Scene alone. As a result they can't stand the other participants and want to get rid of them in the easiest way possible: slaughter the others by writing merciless, harsh, untrue and shameful texts about them.

And when the year is finally over, when Christmas arrives, when New Year is on it's way... the magproducers make it even worse!

Because what will they do?! They will all release their precious magazines at the same moment! Every mag will be released around X-mas. Every mag will be kicked onto the Scenic streets about a week after The Party. Now isn't that the worst case of butchering you have ever seen?

No Scener will be interested in so many magazines at once. How COULD anyone be? A mag will feature 40 up to 100 articles per issue. Do you really think people will read between 500 and 1000 pages in a month? I don't think so... Sceners were mag-less in the months before this "magmania period". That was the time when every Scener longed for, cried for and begged for fresh issues of their favourite magazines. And that was the specific time when the magazines were NOT released. At a moment when everybody has other things to do like celebrating X-mas, boozing around New Year, ski-ing slopes in the holidays, eating a lot, visiting The Party or just being together with their families, all the Scenic magazines are released! Just at the moment no Scener has time to check articles... Hundreds (if not thousands) of articles are being released in a lot of different magazines. Released at a moment, NO ONE cares for them.

Sending out X-mas thoughts to the Scenic world, publishing The Party results and giving Sceners a holiday gift is what the magproducers claim when someone asks for a reasonable reason. Not yielding for the competition, being second to none and trying to butcher the others at the same moment are the real true, evil reasons.

It's a sick world;
it's a strange Scene and
it's a wicked kind of breed.

under influence of what?!

(From Jurassic Pack #7, an Amiga diskmag)