Coding and Maths - What is this section all about?

Written by Adok

The Coding section deals with coding - what else. Its suppose is mainly to help rookies on learning coding and to extend the knowledge of advanced coders. Descriptions of basics, programming techniques, effects, and hints belong here.

In this issue, we also have a Computer Maths section for this first time. This is a reaction to the wish of many young people to learn more about maths, as they often do not learn enough at school to code demos. Phinn offered to take over this section, and here it is. Besides a self-introduction of his, he explains the basics of functions in this issue. Starting at junior high school level, Phinn wants to gradually lead the young interested reader to university level. The theory is to be conveyed in suitable pieces with practical code examples so that the materia will be easy to understand for you.

It is very important for Phinn to get feedback by you in order to continue his section. Please contact him at

The traditional coding corner is big this time, which pleases me. Hopefully it will also please you!

- adok^hugi