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[TEN] Hello! You're reading the E-Mag Network info file! If you are editor of your country's local e-mag, and you are interested in fast growing of it, and you are ready to be a part of a bigger e-mag project - you must join us, The E-mag Network [TEN]. What is TEN? TEN is the union of main editors from local e-mags around the world,who are exchanging articles there, taking away new articles to use in their local e-mags, and placing articles for each other mags. How it works? Easy! For now we have a mailing list to discuss everything, and to exchange articles. Once someone from your country writes an interesting article you put it here and all the world will read this article after it! That sounds great, doesn't it? You put the articles from your e-mag to our network, and we give you articles from our network for your e-mag! We have a big project for now. The goal of it - just to unite editors here. After this, we will start a bigger and better project, we will do an international e-mag, where all articles around the world will be placed, and you take your own honour place in our editors bunch! Do you think, that nobody will see you, if you will not be standalone editor? Every issue of our e-mag will have a standalone editor. E.g. for the first issue the main editor will be Progammer of AOG, for the second issue - Adok. And so on, so everyone can realize all what he wants, but in the better place! And don't forget the authors, which write to you!!! All world will see their articles, if you join the e-mag network! So, if you are ready, read the FAQ carefully and join our project!

The e-mags which are in the project now:

      name            / country/ies     / status        / language(s)
      Armor of Gods   / Russia          / local         / Russian, English
      Hugi            / Germany         / international / English, German
      * Imphobia      / Belgium         / international / English
      Defcon          / France          / local         / French, English
      Total Disaster  / Poland          / local         / Polish
      Pain            / Switzerland     / local         / English
      Restless        / USA, Australia  / international / English

      * advisor

FAQ part.

Q. What the hell is this mailinglist?

A. It's the first part of creating a big world e-mag, by uniting editors from lots of countries.

Q. What I will get for this?

A. You will get fresh articles for your e-mag in the first part of project and you will participate in a big e-mag in the second part of project.


A. It's... ghm... It's uniting of some editors from several e-mags around the world.

Q. How I can get fresh articles from here?

A. Other editors put fresh articles from their e-mags to this network, and you can take and use them in exchange of some fresh articles from your e-mag.

Q. But wait! All e-mags in this network will be the same!

A. No, they will not. Editors can select some articles, from many, and all e-mags will be different. Also it depends on 'local' part of e-mags (information which is actual only of interest to your country).

Q. Can I do a e-mag using only this network!?

A. No, you can't. This network is only addition for your e-mag, it will help you to become more popular, but we can't do all the work for you. But you can expect help from us.

Q. Who are you?

A. We are you :) We are the union of some local e-mags around the world.

Q. What must I do to get articles?

A. The only thing you must do - is to put some articles in English into the network, and do it regulary.

Q. Articles in the network can be only in English? My e-mag is in Finnish, what must I do?

A. Yes, there must be only English articles. We hope it's not too hard for you to translate some articles to English?

Q. Must I do something else, if I use information from this place?

A. Yes. All you must to is to add a little remark to those articles that you got them from TEN and add this advertising file to your e-mag. :)

Q. You said that this is the 'FIRST PART OF PROJECT', what's about the SECOND?

A. The second part of the project will be actual, when this network will grow and will work OK. The second part is to merge all the e-mags into one big e-mag, filled with articles from around the world and so on. It must be great! By the way, the second part is the main one.

Q. It seems like OTHERS will use articles by MY authors? What about copyrights and other legal stuff?

A. Authors' names will be the same in all e-mags and translations. But you must tell the authors, that their articles can become world known. :)

Q. Is there a minimum number of articles I should send to the list?

A. No, there is no minimum number defined, but you must send any. But look - if you have a big e-mag with 30 article every in every issue, it will not be good if you will send only two articles to the network, right? So, the number of articles depends on your e-mag's size.

Q. What will you do, if I use the network articles without permisson, e.g. without sending articles to the network?

A. It's so simple... We will unsubscribe you from the network.

Q. Will you check all e-mags with the articles from the network?

A. Yes, we will check e-mags.

Q. This sounds great! How can I join?

A. Easy! Just send a mail to the founder of the project, to, and specify, who you are, and what e-mag you present.

[TEN] Thank you for reading!

This file signed. Programmer/UniVerse group, 03.06.98

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