Review: Restless #2

Written by Adok

date o'release: apr'98
rar-packed size: 917,404 bytes
langs: english
main editor: goblin / xtatic

after nearly a year's time the sequel to the first north american demoscene mag came out. actually, this issue does not have much to do with its predecessor. obviously the american elements have almost gone, the new main editor comes from australia, there are hardly any us/canada news because the scene over there seems to be dead. so restless has become an entirely international magazine, although a quite small one with only about 260 kbyte of texts.

the great though unconventional to handle interface of issue one was dropped, phoenix/hornet coded a new one. the typical features such as dark colours on a bright background, a typewriter font and vertical scrolling

were kept, the feeling and control, however, slightly changed, the scrolling is not smooth at all. restless #2 also features a nice intro.

the charts corner was given up because phoenix got only 32 votes; now he runs the much more successful hornet charts. the interview with darkness and unreal, and ms saigon's assembly 97 report might be interesting for the reader; the mag also contains some real-life-articles such as spansh's trip to london or a picture of trixter's son.

a bugfix was released in the beginning of may, it should make it possible to run restless without sound. however, on my pc the bugfix does not work whereas the original version is all right.

overall impression: rather disappointing after the excellent first issue. still restless #2 is one of the better recent mags.

- adok^hugi